SSU Library Aids in PBS Documentary "Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle"


The recently broadcast PBS documentary "Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle" was supported by the SSU Special Collections Dept. which contributed research and film footage for this production and received a closing credit. It can be viewed online at

Ruben Salazar Hall, which was originally the location of the SSU University Library, is named after the famous Latino journalist who worked for a time at the Press Democrat in the late 1950s. He later moved to the Los Angeles Times.

The University Library is also the curator of the Ruben Salazar Collection which is comprised of clippings of Salazar's news stories and includes articles about him, bibliographies, photocopies of photographs, documents, and ephemera.

Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle examines the life and mysterious death of this pioneering journalist. At the heart of the story is Salazar's transformation from a mainstream, establishment reporter to primary chronicler and supporter of the radical Chicano Movement of the late 1960s.

Killed under mysterious circumstances by a law enforcement officer in 1970, Salazar became an instant martyr to Latinos -- many of whom had criticized his reporting during his lifetime. Adding to the Salazar mystique is that the details of how he was killed have been obscured in the ensuing four decades since his death.

Featuring material from recently released files obtained by the filmmaker, Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle "removes Salazar from the glare of myth and martyrdom and offers a clear-eyed look at the man and his times." The film, produced and directed by Phillip Rodriguez, includes interviews with Salazar's friends, colleagues and family members, and Salazar's own words culled from personal writings.

More information about the documentary can be found at

The DVD can also be checked out from the University Library at

In addition to the documentary, the University Library has these related resources about Salazar and the Chicano Moratorium, as well as books.

Ruben Salazar Collection
Requiem 29 (film)
Latino USA (radio show)

For further information, contact Dayle Reilly, Coordinator, North Bay Regional & Special Collections, 707-664-2510.

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