crabThe Sonoma State University fall Biology Colloquium entices listeners with new information about ourselves and the ecosystems that surround us. The lectures cover a wide array of subjects, including urban lake restoration, responses of crabs to ocean acidification, and aging. SSU anthropology professor Dr. Karin Jaffe completes the series on Dec. 8 with a talk on university-zoo collaborative research.

iliana perezSonoma State University hosts its first DREAMer Conference on September 19, featuring a keynote speech from DREAM Act researcher and Claremont University doctoral student Iliana Perez.

copelandcreekssu.jpgThe Environmental Forum returns to Sonoma State University this fall to discuss the shared challenges faced by our community. Lectures include local topics like Cotati's new SMART train station, as well as broad ones, like the concept of wilderness in society. The series culminates on Dec. 10 when student and faculty leaders will discuss how to get involved with sustainability at SSU.

fishman.pngWeeding, harvesting and watering sounds more like farm living than the life of a poet, but those two lives intersected at Southern Wisconsin's "Poetry Farm" in the mid-2000s, where scribes worked the land to tune out distractions of the Internet or urban world. On Oct. 6, Lisa Fishman and Richard Meier, two contemporary poets who were leaders of the farm, read at the Green Music Center at Sonoma State University.

scottgerber.jpgSonoma State University's new Jewish Music Series features local and international talents, showcasing music that reflects the broad spectrum of the Jewish experience including classical and folk songs, Yiddish theater, Eastern European Klezmer, Jewish-influenced classical works, and songs about social justice from American religious communities.

alexander kahnThe world-class music halls at Sonoma State University will soon be filled by the sound of a student symphony orchestra. Sonoma State has hired a tenure-track music professor to direct the Sonoma State Symphony Orchestra, which performs in Weill Hall at the Green Music Center.

Alexander Kahn joined the music faculty this semester, and students are already enrolled in the university's first official symphony orchestra. Kahn holds a Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley and a Graduate Performance Diploma in orchestral conducting from the Peabody Institute at John's Hopkins University. He was most recently a tenured professor at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.

ajay gehlawatSonoma State University professor Ajay Gehlawat is giving a talk about the Indian film industry for the Society for Asian Art in San Francisco. The society's fall 2015 Arts of Asia series, "Asia's Storied Traditions," explores narrative usage in Asian art, including how myths, legends, histories and moral precepts have been transmitted through visual means.

warandpeacelogo.pngThe War and Peace series offers insights on a multitude of current issues through film, lecture, and panel discussion. The series is free and open to the public.

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