Office of Faculty Research & Sponsored Programs (OFRSP)

Welcome to OFRSP. We provide preaward and postaward support services.

Please contact us early in your grant development project. The earlier you seek our assistance, the more time we have to help you.

What we need for routing:

  1. PEF (Proposal Endorsement Form)
  2. Budget (on OFRSP template)
  3. Abstract

Jeff Wilson, Senior Director
Phone: (707) 664-3715

Nicole Ream, Project Administrator
Phone: (707) 664-4423

Gabrielle Utarid, Project Administrator
Phone: (707) 664-3972

OFRSP is located in Salazar Hall. Our office hours are from 8:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday. For general inquiries please call
(707) 664-3715.

OFRSP Services

  • Disseminating information on grants available from government and private sponsors.
  • Managing the campus review and approval of funding requests to external sponsors to ensure compliance with agency guidelines as well as with university policies related to grants.
  • Supporting the Faculty Subcommittee on Sponsored Programs in developing requests for proposals for the grant programs that are managed internally by SSU, reviewing those proposals, recommending funding and administering the eventual awards.
  • Supporting the Institutional Review Board in reviewing protocols for research involving human subjects.
  • Conducting training workshops for faculty and staff on proposal development and research compliance.