Faculty Office Hours

Drop-In Office Hours are available during the regular semester (excluding finals week) and are listed below.  If you are unable to attend office hours, please call or e-mail the professor and make an appointment.

Professors are generally unavailable during summer and winter breaks.

*Major/Minor Advisor.  Please click here to find your assigned advisor.

Instructor Email Office Phone Fall Office Hours
Boaz, Cynthia * boazc@sonoma.edu Stevenson 2081 664-2589 On Sabbatical
Brown, Diane diane.brown@sonoma.edu Stevenson 3009A 664-2463  
Gouveia, Keith gouveiak@sonoma.edu Stevenson 3009A 664-3165  
Howard, Emily emily.howard@sonoma.edu Stevenson 2070L 664-2731  
Martinez-Rubin, Norma norma@evaluationfocused.com Stevenson 3009A 664-2463  
McCuan, David * david.mccuan@sonoma.edu Stevenson 2064 664-3309  
McNamara, Robert * robert.mcnamara@sonoma.edu Stevenson 2070I 664-2676  
Merrifield, Andy andy.merrifield@sonoma.edu Stevenson 3007 664-2875  
Nelson, Catherine * catherine.nelson@sonoma.edu Stevenson 2070F 664-3963  
Parness, Diane * diane.parness@sonoma.edu Stevenson 2070H 664-3142  
Preisler, Barry bpreisler@wans.net Stevenson 3007 664-2912  
Switky, Robert switky@sonoma.edu Stevenson 3009B 664-2580  
Volkart, Judith jhv@sonic.net