Purpose of the WATERS Collaborative


Watershed Academics To Enhance Regional Sustainability (WATERS) is a collaborative endeavor between Sonoma State University and Sonoma County Water Agency to undertake projects that enhance watershed management and academic training of students. The goals of the WATERS Collaborative are to:

  • create a trained and local workforce of SSU graduates with knowledge, expertise and interest in water management issues
  • increase and broaden SSU students, faculty, and staff contributions to SCWA projects and programs
  • enhance public awareness and understanding of water management issues and the value of the WATERS Collaborative
  • establish an administrative structure for an SSU-SCWA partnership that can effectively and flexibly meet the goals of the collaboration

Copeland Creek Emphasis

SSU's Fairfield Osborn Preserve is located in the Copeland Creek's headwaters and the SSU campus is located on the Creek's alluvial fan, providing a geographic link and focus for investigation and study. SCWA has long-term management interests in Copeland Creek integrated water management, flood control, water quality, habitat restoration, and recreation.

Given the interest and activities of both organizations in Copeland Creek, water management issues surrounding Copeland Creek and downstream areas (e.g., Laguna de Santa Rosa) are emphasized by the WATERS Collaborative.