Transportation Committee

Did You Know...?

At SSU, parking citation collections fund most bicycle and transportation programs.

The mission of the Campus Re-engineering Transportation sub-Committee is to promote the use of alternate forms of transportation by our faculty, staff and students in an effort to minimize the impact of vehicles on our environment and our campus. We strive to be responsive to campus parking and transportation needs through ongoing review of related programs and collaboration with the campus community, governmental and non-profit organizations.

The Transportation Committee is a subcommittee of the Campus Reengineering Committee. Members represent faculty, staff, students and the surrounding community.

Committee Initiatives

Each year, the goals and initiatives of the Committee are driven by the needs of our community. In years past, the Committee has worked on many projects, including:

  • Bike to Work Day
  • Ridesharing — AlterNet Rides
  • Traffic Calming & Pedestrian Safety
  • Bike Registration Drives