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The following Alumni are listed in order by decade


Audrey Boggs Acheson
San Francisco, CA
Year of Graduation: 2001

Where now?: I have since completed a M.A. in Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology and am just completing the final requirements for my Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology. I am researching a self-designed treatment for children affected by selective mutism utilizing play and family therapy. I have presented on the topic of selective mutism at two national conferences pertaining to selective mutism and am currently relocating to the Los Angeles area to complete my pre-doctoral internship.

Memorable time: I am very proud of my undergraduate training in Psychology and feel that it prepared me well for graduate studies. I loved reading by the duck pond and taking classes like the psychology of yoga and art therapy. I loved SSU so much that I have even thought of coming back to teach one day!

Favorite instructor: I have fond memories of all of them--SSU has a great bunch!

Michael Kottler
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Year of Graduation: 2005

Where are you now? Where have you been? I took a B.A. in Psychology at SSU in 2005, and am currently applying to the SSU Biology Dept. for Spring 2006 to earn a B.S. en route to applying to pharmacy school. In the meantime, I continue to be
involved at SSU through the SSU Judo class/club/team where I am an assistant instructor under Dr. Alfaro, MD.

Most memorable time on campus: Taking 1st place in a SSU Judo tournament, getting an 'A' on a psychology research project, developing friendships with awesome instructors.

Favorite instructor: Dr. Victor Daniels/Dr. Alfaro MD


March Hajre-Chapman, M.Ed., M.A.
Year of Graduation: 1992

Where now?: Of all places, Greensboro, North Carolina. Immediately after graduation I married Russell Chapman, (also SSU psych masters program graduate), moved to NC, had a child, went back to school to get MAEd in Educational Technology, then Master's in Library Science, now trying to get into a PhD program. Working at a 4 year university currently, trying to keep my humanistic psych. roots fed! Lots of other stuff in-between, but that's another story...

Memorable time: Working with the Athletic dept (Thanks to Coach Goelz!) and the student-athletes. Marrying Russ on the baseball field :-)
Favorite instructor: Stashu Gertsen, Susan Stewart, Helen Lorenz

Heather Aidala, Psy.D.
Year of Graduation: 1996

"I am pleased to say I earned my Doctorate in Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, Bay Area Campus in 2002. I graduated from Sonoma in 1996 with a double major in Psychology and Gender Studies. My dissertation was entitled "The Invisible Epidemic Continues: Sexuality Concerns Among Women Living with HIV/AIDS." I lived in Austin, Texas for two years while completing an APA-accredited internship at the Southwest Texas State University counseling center and a post-doctoral staff position at University of Texas, San Antonio counseling center. I moved to Tempe, Arizona for a permanent staff position at Arizona State University Counseling and Consultation. I am pleased to finally be licensed and
settled down working with college students who always keep me on my toes!"

Memorable time: Working at the Women's Resource Center and for Residential Life.
Favorite instructor: Susan Stewart and Kay Trimberger (who is the head of the Gender Studies department)

Tami Serber
Petaluma, CA 94952
Year of Graduation: 1995

Where now?: I went on to get my MA in Counseling from SSU and am now a high school counselor in Larkspur, CA. I love it.

Diana Tompkins
Modesto, CA 95356
Year of Graduation: 1995

After graduation I took a couple of years off then went to Sac State for my Masters in Social Work. I am now working towards my LCSW. I currently work with adolescents with addictions in an intensive day tx program and I really like it. Learn something new everyday.
Memorable time: Too many great moments to pick just one.
Favorite instructors: Susan Stewart ; Dana Schneider

Kendra C. Hedstrom
2120 Sunset Cliffs Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92107
Year of Graduation: 1996
Where now?: Currently I am living in wonderful Ocean Beach of San Diego. I
returned to San Diego, my hometown, one year after I graduated in order to
attend San Diego State's Master's of Social Work Program. I am about to
graduate,May of 1999 with an MSW. After graduating from SSU I worked
locally for one year as a relief counselor with the mentally ill.
Community Support Network runs several residential programs and I became
familiar with them through an undergrad internship and a class assignment.
During my course of study at SDSU I have been able to work with an Options
for Recovery case management program that is run by UCSD. I worked as a
home-visitor/case manager with pregnant and post-partum women who were
dealing with drug and alcohol recovery issues. My second practicum
placement has been with Children's Hospital and Health Center, Chilren's
Outpatient Psychiatry. I have been able to work with children of all ages,
from individual and family perspectives. In addition I continue to work wit
Memorable time: Sunny warm days, with a band by the duck pond and frisbees
and dogs in the quad. Oh Yeah, the time Pato Banton came for the free show
in the quad, I was working in the student union and somehow Pato got locked
out of the Sauna when his clothing were in the other room. I had to help
by unlocking the door. Poor guy all he had was a student union towel, I
don't know who was more embarrased!
Favorite instructor: I don't have a favorite, but I can tell you I am
repeatedly proud of the Humanistic perspective which I gained at SSU and
often share this with my social work peers!

Terri Welch
Santa Cruz, CA
Year of Graduation: 1992
Where now?: After graduation, I travel to Europe and began to explore
career option. I became a Certified Hypnotherapist in June 1996 and have
done several workshops on various topics like self-esteen, weight
management and goal setting. I've been to Mexico a few times, both to the
Pacific and Caribbean areas.
Currently, I'm an Executive Assistant for the Merchandising Department of
the Internet Shopping Network. So, now I get to spend my time doing work
related both of my passions - Hypnotherapy and Shopping!!! :-)
Memorable time: Working with the Facilities Planning Department and
Graduation (of course)!!!
Favorite instructor: Without question - Lorna Catford!!!! 
Hiroyuki Hamanaka
Tokyo, Japan
Year of Graduation: 1997
Where now?: I live at Otome Heights in Japne where I have been working for a wilderness education.If I can get a scholarship I am planning to study Expressive art therapy at California Institute of Integral Study this Fall 1998.If not I need to save more money for tuition. I am looking for a room around bay area.Do you know a good room?
Memorable time: First class of learning community on the grass.
Favorite instructor: Everyone I met at SSU.

Lisa Pardee
Sonora, CA 95370
Year of Graduation: 1995
I am back in Sonora! I work at Mother Lode Job
Training as a One-Stop Career Center Coordinator and WebMaster. Check out and
I also own my own home now! 3 br, 2 ba, garage, 1/3rd acre, 1300 sq. ft.
It's awesome! Big garden area, quiet neighborhood - borders 60 acres of
wilderness. It's safe for my son.
Memorable time: I still remember those sunny days with live music out on
the lawns. Also, riding my bike to school - all the time. Memories are
becoming fonder for me now. I miss a lot of things about SSU and Rohnert
Favorite instructor: Geri Olsen, Robin Timm, Laurel McCabe, and Eleanor

Richard T. Dougherty
P. O. Box # 45383
Baton Rouge, LA 70895
Year of Graduation: 1990
Since graduation I pulled a tour of duty with the Federal
Emergency Management Agency. I was a disaster Applications Center Manager.
I did that for 2 years. It was and is great for a singgle person. Why?
Because you are gone for 2 months annd then home for 1 week, and gone for 2
months and home for 1 week, and so on. Prior to that I married another SSU
student who majored in Business. Her name was Marie-Helene J. Morano, and
is now Dougherty. She was also the evening manager of the SSU Book Store
from:1986- 1992.
I took a job with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections
as a Classifications Officer and have been doing that for 5 or so years now.
I started out as a cadet, advanced to a sergeant, and then went into the
administrative end of corrections.
I have worked at 3 prisons. The first being the notorious Angola-Louisiana
State Penitentiary, the second being a smaller satellite prison in Jackson,
La. called Dixon Correctional Institute. The 3rd, and the one in which I am now
working is the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women. It is a very satisfying
and rewarding occupation.
Memorable time: Running on Sonoma State's now defunct Cross Country Team.
Favorite instructor: Stasha Gertzen

Edward F. Muegge
6050 commerce Blvd. Ste 107
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Year of Graduation: 1993
Where now?: Currently teaching in Psychology Department at SSU a course
titled, "Psycosocial Aspects of Disability";
Opened "Alternative Health Center" in Rohnert Park
Volunteering in Counseling Center at SSU as a counselor.
Memorable time: Lorana Catford's introduction to Transpersonal Psychology,
Favorite instructor: Lorna Catford

Jane Calbreath
Year of Graduation: 1992

Where now? I attended the California Institute of Integral Studies after my graduation from SSU. I graduated in 1996 with a Master's Degree in Organizational Development and Transformation. I am currently developing a private consulting business that focuses on child welfare. I specialize in Montessori educational settings and social services around issues of adoption. I am the President of the Board of the non-profit, PACER, Post Adoption Center for Education and Research, which is in a period of rapid growth and expansion of servies due to the current interest in the issues that surround adoption. I very much enjoy bringing the values and customs of indigineous cultures into groups and organzations. This summer (1997) I will join nine women in my second Vision Quest to the Inyo Mountains to spend four days and nights fasting and alone in the high desert. My intention is to bring back a deeper vision of my work and to share it with the people of my community.

Memory of SSU: Graduation!

Favorite Instructor: I cannot tell a lie, David VanNuys was my favorite instuctor, and still is!

Randy Pitstick

Year of Graduation: 1990

After completing my MA at SSU in 1990 I took a year
off to work and pay bills, then began my doctoral
program at the Univeristy of Idaho in Moscow. In June of 1995 I received
my Ph.D. in Forestry, Wildlife and Range Sciences though my research was
the design, implementation and evaluaton of a series of backpacking trips
n 3 states with youth at risk enrolled in the Federal Job Corps program.
I then worked for nine months at Childrens Hospital in
Seattle while looking for a teaching job.I completed one year as an
assistant professor in the Health, Physical Education and Leisure
Services department of the College of Education at the University of South
Alabama in Mobile, AL. I then took at position at the University of Maine
at Presque Isle (near Caribou Maine). I'm in my second year in Maine and
was recently named department coordinator (chair). Life is good.
Memorable time: Memory of SSU: many great days!
Favorite Instructor: Robert Greenway, Richard Paul
Lezlie Scaliatine
1147 Portland #2
Albany, CA 94706
Year of Graduation: 1998
I am currently in the clinical Psy.D. program at the California School of Professional Psychology-Alameda (CSPP). I really like it, my emphasis is family/child. The program is great, very organized it's my first year and they already have us working on our dissertations.
My most memorable time at SSU was taking wonderful classes such as Myth,Dream, and Symbol, and Group Process. I really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know myself as an individual as well as didactic learning.
Favorite instructor: It's a tie between Laurel McCabe and Dana Schneider

Julie Christine (formerly Chris Martin)

Novato, CA 94945
Year of Graduation: 1992

Where now? After my graduation and until April of this year I worked as the Executive Director of the Marin Child Abuse Prevention Council. Presently I have started my own business, Nonprofit Resources doing fund raising for nonprofits with a focus on children and families. I also am a member of the Bay Area Coalition to Prevent Child Abuse, Child Death Review Team, California Consortium to Prevent Child Abuse, and the State Child Advocacy Committee. My passion lives in the advocacy that I do on the local, state and national level to assure that children's needs are being met. I act as the voice of the children who are too young to vote.

Last year my 22 year old son was struck by a car leaving him brain injured. So presently I am also the caretaker of my son who is once again a child.

Memory of SSU: My most memorable time on campus was while doing my work study in the Psychology office. I was able to meet alot of special people. One person that I especially enjoyed working with was Sarah Cornelius who today is a very special friend to me.

Zedra L. Dressler
P.O. Box 125
Eldridge, CA 95431
Year of Graduation: 1994

Where now? I'm in the middle of my MA in Clinical Psych. at John F. Kennedy Univ. Just started clinical practicum at the JFK Community Counseling Center in Pleasant Hill. Also working at Sonoma Developmental Center as a Graduate Student in a computer lab and at the Brain Behavior Research Center..studying an opiate-blocker to be used to prevent Self-Injurious Behavior in the Developmentally Disabled.

Favorite Instructor: Lorna Catford without a doubt is my everyday hero! George Jackson had a great impact. Thanks to David Van Nuys for giving me the very beginning knowledge I needed to become the computer nerd I now am! (even though I don't know how to do html stuff, so no links here)

Noelle Gardner (formerly Briggs)
Year of Graduation: 1992

Where now? I'm living in Salt Lake City, UT. I am the DistrictAdministrator for Arbon Equipment Corporation, which is adivision of Rite Hite Corporation, a material handlingequipment manufacturer. I am married and have a one and ahalf year old son.

Memory of SSU: Living in the residence halls (long live Pinot)...hangingout in the library (sort of a nerd back then)...

Favorite Instructor: Susan Stewart, George Jackson (now retired).

Kate O'Niell
Santa Rosa , CA
Year of Graduation: 1994

Where now? I'm right here in Sonoma County. I am working for the Alcohol, Drug,Tobacco Services Divisionas a Counselor specializing as the Drug Court Liaison Officer.It is a post plea program where the legal system and the treatment system are working together to provide counseling,structure and encouragement to help people get their lives back on track.

Memory of SSU: My first day of class. I was scared to death.I was sure someone was going to come up and tell me I was sitting in their seat. I could't believe I was really here.

Favorite Instructor: George Jackson and Barry Godolphin-wow two very diffferent personalities and both wonderful,caring people who helped stretch my abilities beyond my belief.And to them I say thank you.

Mary Anne Tabor
P.O. Box 7514
Cotati, CA 94931
Year of Graduation: 1990

Where now? A Psych Assistant with the Rohnert Park Center of Psychotherapy. Also a Doctoral Candidate in Counseling Psychology at the University of San Francisco. Working on my dissertation and doing a two year internship before graduating. Was assistant director for Innovative Housing, an organization which assists families at risk of homelesness to find housing and set up systems where families share space and tasks.

Memory of SSU: I am forever thankful for my time at the SSU Psychology Dept. Victor Daniels and Larry Horowitz taught me Gestalt and the Existential perspective. Stashu G. taught me the spirit of cooperation. George Jackson taught me the power of experiential learning. Frank Siroky taught me systems thinking. I wish I was able to have been taught by all the wonderful instructors in the SSU Psych. Dept.

Favorite Instructor: The humanistic spirit which was inherent in each professor from whom I learned. However the most powerful influeners in my work so far are Victor Daniels, Joaquin Sanchez, and Frank Siroky.

Philip Kramer
Provo, Utah
Year of Graduation: 1990

Where now? I have been a career counselor, a learning disability assessment counselor, and an academic advisor at Utah Valley State College in Orem, Utah since February, 1995. The reputation of the Psychology Department's master's degree program was an important consideration in being offered this job. It's nice to know people outside of the San Francisco bay area have heard about SSU and know its reputation!

Memory of SSU: Eating lunch in the Quad area soaking up the sunshine.

Favorite Instructor: Eleanor Criswell, Jerry Redwine, Stashu Gertsen, and Mac

Judy Mefferd (formerly Vonheeder)
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Year of Graduation: 1990

Where now?: Immediately after graduation, I married fellow Cossack athlete, and former standout quarterback, John Mefferd ('88). After realizing that budget shortages were cutting back counselors in the high schools upon graduation, and at the prompting of my husband, I joined him in entering the Police Academy here in Santa Rosa. Upon graduation with honors, I was hired (way too briefly) by the Sausalito Police Dept. After more budget shortages, I left there in 1993 to be an officer here at SSU! I have been here ever since and truly enjoy working in the campus environment. Little did I know at the time, that my degree would train me in some very crucial areas of Law Enforcement! John and I have a 4 y/o son and are expecting our second child in aug '02
Memorable time: Being a part of the athletics family and earning All America honors while on the women's soccer team in '88 ; '89. Graduation and, the many memorable moments with John

Favorite instructor: tie-Anne DiPardo; Barry Godolphin-for helping me from beginning to end!


Micah Altman, Psy. D.
638-1/2 First St
Benicia, CA 94510
Year of Graduation: 1981
After graduating from ssu in 1981 I went to graduate school at Hahnemann University in Philadelphia for 5 years and recieved my PsyD there. I returned to Calif, working for a children's day treatment center in fremont, a psychiatric out-patient clinic in Vallejo and ultimately developing a private practise in Benicia where I still practice today. I have a fairly generic family practice including child, family and adult psychotherapy. I utilize EMDR a fair amount, as well as conducting psychological evaluations and testing.
Memorable time: I loved SSU. I remember an overall impression of the loveliness of the area and the campus and a sense of being part of a friendly and safe college community.
Favorite instructor: Chuck Stacek, David Van Nuys, Bob the Chemistry Professor whose name I cant recall

Alan B. Mac Farlane
PO Box 9554
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
Year of Graduation: 1983
Where now?: Still in Sonoma County - and with my near death experiences I
have been lots of places on the other side. The good news if you want to
call it that - is that I don't have to do the NDES anymore. For 23 years I
was a repeater.
With the NDES, I came to realize that I would never get licensed in
clinical psychology so I walked away from my Psy.D. program and devoted my
life to raising hell and lowering heaven. I think I am doing a good job at
that and I owe my time at SSU for my skills at doing this now.
Currently I am working on a fixer-upper and starting to volunteer at
Hospice, people say I am real good at hanging out with people going to the
other side.
It's just an upside down birth.
Memorable time: The Student Union Bldg, having a beer with friends and
playing the then new video games - hey, it's higher education at its best.

Favorite instructor: Dr. Eleanor Criswell

David Camlin
POB 806
Sanbornville, NH 03872
Year of Graduation: 1988
Where now?: Now working as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and also have small private psychotherapy practice. Left SSU and received my dual Master's in Counseling and Vocational Evaluation at WVU. Was quite a culture shock going from northern California to Appalachia.
The learing experiences that I had at SSU formed the foundation of the Humanistic/Existential frame of reference that guides me in my profession and in my life.
Memorable time: The ponds and the cormorants
George Jackson's lectures
Meditating (while earning college credit)
Whenever Bernd Jager's classes were over for the week
Favorite instructors: George Jackson, Eleanor Criswell, Bob Greenway
Sunny Che Son Ho
Country: Singapore
Year of Graduation: 1988
Where now?: Greetings from Singapore and hello! I am now married and am working as a counselor/consultant with a private institution and company. I am currently involved with counseling the mentally ill as well as working as a consultant trainer with a local HR firm. I specialize in personality testing notably the 16PF/MBTI for executive search and recruitment purposes. I am interested in maintaining an open line of communication with my fellow American SSU alumni. I think that global networking is vital and would encourage more of my cohorts to do so. So far, there is an apparent lack of communication between Asian and American countries. I would like to actively develop this area so that people in both hemispheres would benefit via an open two-way communication approach. If there is anyone who is interested in coming to Singapore to work as a consultant, I would be interested to connect with him or her. The areas of importance to Singapore are: 1) Clinical Psych 2) Organizational Psych 3) Educational Psych
Memorable time: Barry Godolphin's research course and the statistics lab.
Favorite instructor: Barry Godolphin, Frank Siroky, Saul Eisen, George McCabe and David Van Nuys

Cathe Campbell (Liebel)
Year of Graduation: 1981

Where now? Working for the County as an outreach worker for the Homeless Mentally ill. A chronic population of schizophrenic and psychotic who traditionally avoid the Mental Health Dept. due to fear of rehospitalization and mandated medications. Now working as a full time case manager for chronic mentally ill clients at Sonoma County.

Memorable time: Georgia and I sitting out on the grass, in the sun; figuring out everyone else's life.

Favorite instructor: David Van Nuys, Charlie Merrill, Nina Menrath

Mark Cerri

Year of Graduation: 1989

Where now? I've been employed at Mendocino County Mental Health for most of the past 18 years where I have served as Crisis Supervisor and currently as Intake Assessment Coordinator at Ukiah Outpatient. I received my Ph.D. in psychology form Saybrook Graduate School in 2004. I'm also intersted in philosophy and history and the arts and humanities.

Memorable time: Presenting a paper at the Conference on Fatherhool and the Modern Family

Favorite instructor: Bernd Jager and Gordon Tappan

Ron Purser, Ph.D.
Loyola University, 820 N. Michigan Ave
Chicago, Il 60611
Year of Graduation: 1985

Where now? I am now teaching in a graduate Masters program in Organization Development at Loyola University in Chicago. I have been there for 6 years and just received tenure earlier this year. I went to graduate school at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland Ohio after leaving SSU. I have been enjoying writing and having lots of free time to read things I like. I just published my first book (with Merrelyn Emery) called The Search Conference: A Powerful Method for Planning Organizational Change and Community Action (Jossey-Bass, 1996).

Memory of SSU: Sitting on the lawn and having classes outside.

Favorite Instructor: Van Nuys, Warmoth, Siroky

Lou Binik
RR1 Box 224-70
Salmon, ID 83467

Year of Graduation: 1986

Where now? Though I never took a business class at SSU, I started my own home business making workout clothing for the fitness folks. When I found a source for the polartec fleece, my professional sewing/neighbor coaxed me to try more complex items, those similar to Patagonia's. I wouldn't be were I am without the skills learned from Hutchins &Psychology; though.

Memory of SSU: Rehearsing for concerts with Bob Worth's SSU chorus...then combining our voices with the orchestra.

Favorite Instructor: Stashu Gertsen

Loren Davis
2525 Lawndale Rd.
Kenwood, CA 95452
Year of Graduation: 1981

Much of my time in the SSU Psych Department was actually spent over in Hawaii with the Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal Lab where I was doing research on dolphin language comprehension and behavioral and population studies of humpback whales. Used to spend the winter and spring in the islands and the summer and fall back at SSU.

Got to give my favorite professor Barry Godolphin a big big round of applause for giving me a lot of guidance and encouragement in my research endeavors.

Nowadays my profession is software development. I own a small and growing software company that publishes management systems for certain small businesses. I also work part time for CNN running their forum on America Online and moderating live chat sessions on international events every Tuesday evening from 11-1AM EDT. (CAUTION.. shameless self-promotion coming.) For AOL users that's Keyword: CNN. Once there enter The Studio.

When not sitting behind one of these big ol cyclops lookin gizmos you can find me out on a hoops court looking for a game or out on my boat fishing for salmon. And if you can't find me there look up.... I might be out flying whatever airplane I can borrow at the moment.



Ken Hill
Saint Mary's University
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Year of Graduation: 1971

Where now?: I've spent the last 28 years as a psychology professor in Nova Scotia, teaching environmental psychology and child development.
Memorable time: Discussing psychology with Barry Godolphin and a small cadre of students in Barry's lab and after hours.
Favorite instructor: Barry Godolphin and Bernd Jager

Dennis L.Merritt, Ph.D.
The Integral Psychology Center, 1911 Monroe Street
Madison, WI 53711
Year of Graduation: 1976

Where now?: I'm in private practice as a Jungian Analyst, trained in Zurich, Switzerland. Currently I'm completing my book, "The Dairy Farmer's Guide to the Universe: The Greening of Psychology and Education."
Favorite instructor: Professor Gordon Tappan

Peter Bradley, Ph.D.
4154 24th St.
San Francisco, CA 94114
Year of Graduation: 1976
Where now?: After graduation I moved to San Francisco (where I have lived ever since), and returned to study at the Professional School of Psychology to earn my Ph.D. I've been in private practice for over twenty years now, useing the existential and humanistic perspectives that were so valuable to me at SSU.
Memorable time: Sunny afternoons in front of the old student union, drinking strong coffee under blue skies.
Favorite instructor: Nina Menrath and Barry G.

Scott Garvin
105 pinyon pines
Mountain Center, CA 92561
Year of Graduation: 1970
Where now?: still a seeker, but now i get paid a little as a social worker.
Memorable time: Ram Dass 1969
Favorite instructor: Bernd Jager & Gordon Tappan

William (Bill) Delia
23 Witbeck Drive
Glenville, NY 12302
Year of Graduation: 1970
Where now?: Now: CEO, American Red Cross of Northeastern New York (Albany) - 24 years with the Red Cross in Connecticut, Georgia and New York. Previously: Counselor in Substance Abuse and Juvenille Delinquency Programs in Connecticut. Also taught tennis for several years (thanks Stashu!)
Memorable time: The 60's were in full flower at then SSC - the moratorium after Kent State was perhaps most memorable
Favorite instructor: Red Thomas (even though the first lecture I heard him give was tape recorded.)

Dave Peterson, Ph.D.
253 Ivey Dr. S.W. //& Box 2233
Milledgeville, GA. 31061
Year of Graduation: 1976
Where now?: Living in the rural southeast, farming commercial timber and learning to use this computer!! I've just concluded a successful career in Criminal Forensic Psychology and am looking around for something else. I have the better part of another doctorate in Education done at U.W. Madison and amdebating about that versus studying history.
Memorable time: Sleeping in the stats lab in Barry Godolphin's research methods and statistics courses.
Favorite instructor: Barry Godolphin, Frank Siroky, Victor Daniels, Bernd Jager

Fred Meade
Year of Graduation: 1979
Where now?: After graduation I went to Yale to do graduate work in theology. Received my M.Div, in 1984 from Yale. then have been in ministry ever since trying to make this world a better place.
Memorable time: running and eating
Favorite instructor: nina menrath

Patricia An (Philo) Kopstein
After graduating from SSU (BA: Psychology; BA: Expressive Arts; MA:
Psychology), I continued my study of psychology at the Jungian Institute
in Kusnacht, Switzerland in l980. The following year, I conducted a
psychometric research project in Israel: "Projective Test Analysis". I
returned to California, I began new academic studies at the Center for Judaic
Studies. After my Rabbinic studies, I transferred to Graduate Theological
Foundation in Indiana, where, in l993, I received my Doctorate of Ministry
Degree (D.Min.) in Applied Rabbinic/Pastoral Care. My dissertation was
entitled: Spiritual Triage: Rapid Spiritual Assessment in Times of
Crisis. The following year, I received my Rabbinic ordination.
After having served eleven years as the spiritual leader and rabbi for
Congregation Ner Shalom/Sonoma County Synagogue Center (California), I
recently ended my tenure there. I will join my husband, Rabbi David
Kopstein, in serving "The Progressive Jewish Congregation of Auckland: Beth
Shalom", in Auckland New Zealand. Beginning in November, 1998, I will serve
as Associate Rabbi of that synagogue. This will be the first time in the
history of New Zealand that any New Zealand synagogue will have both a
Rabbi and an Associate Rabbi.
Being very active in Bioethics throughout the years, I have served on
many hospital, and IRB, Ethics' Committees. This interest has led to the
publication of a number of monographs concerning the interfacing of
religion and science. In Auckland, I will continue in this field, teaching in
local universities and working as an ethics' consultant for bio-tech
corporations in New Zealand.

Rob Nielsen
6A Oak Hills Drive
Clinton, CT 06413
860 669 7094
fax 860 669 4218
Year of graduation: 1976
Hi! I am an SSU graduate with a BA in psychology, 1976. I really enjoyed my
two years at SSU and I would love to keep in touch with my alma mater and find
out just what is going on out there. and what ever happened to my classmates?
After graduation I returned to the east coast where I grew up. I got into the
restaurant business and worked as a manager of several types of restaurants
throughout the country. Whenever i received compliments for my management
style, I always credited my education from SSU.
Last year I changed careers and am now a food broker. I represent 15 food
companies in the state of CT. the learning never ends.
Is Berndt Jager still there? [No.] I was one of his confused disciples, but I have
never forgotten how he challenged me to reach for the seemingly unreachable.
we need more of that in our lives- don't ever get too comfortable because life
isn't like that.
Let's keep in touch. Pass this letter on to the appropriate people. 

Steven Gerstle
1810 Central Avenue #201
Alameda, CA. 94501
Year of Graduation: 1974
Where now?: After working as a tenant rights activist in Sonoma County,
I went to graduate school in Library Studies at UC Berkeley.
After many years and many interesting stories to tell,
I ended up as the research librarian at the
California School of Professional Psychology in Alameda.
Memorable time: If you remember SSC, you weren't really there. Couldn't
resist that joke. All the interesting stuff that went on around the commons and by
the lake. If you were there, you know what I mean. I tell people
the stories of those days now and no one believes me. Just some
middle-aged geezer telling tall tales.
Favorite instructor: Can't remember the name. I think the course had
something to do with creativity.

Richard A. Hudiburg, Ph.D.
Box 5187
University of North Alabama
Florence AL 35632
Year graduated: 1972

I began graduate school in 1972 at Texas Christian University in experimental psychology. I completed an M.A. in 1975 and a Ph.D. in 1979. Professionally, I have been employed in a clinical capacity serving a developmentally disabled population and I have worked as a research psychologist at two different universities. I have taught psychology at the graduate and undergraduate level at Texas Christian University, State University of New York at Geneseo, and the University of North Alabama. I have been a faculty member at the University of North Alabama since 1983. I maintain an active research program, primarily investigating the effects of technostress.

Favorite professor: My favorite professor was Barry Godolphin. He was my mentor and friend during my two years at Geneseo. He gave me an opportunity to develop my interests in empirical psychology. I was afforded the opportunity to gain my first teaching experience under Barry's mentorship at SSU. I also enjoyed Bob Slagle's Neuropsychology course and in Biology I enjoyed Russell Lockner's behavioral biology course.

David Fox
Company I now work for:
I'm a freelance consultant
Current home page: San Anselmo, CA
E-mail: david at electriceggplant dot com
Year of Graduation: 1973

I graduated in 1973, and was still not really sure what I wanted to do when I grew up :-). One of my highlights was a visit to Stanford with Barry Godolphin where I saw my first CRT-based computer game, Space Wars. I was hooked! I ended up becoming a computer game designer, working at  LucasArts Entertainment for 10 years, then at Rocket Science Games.  In 1996 I jumped onto the bandwagon and worked at an Internet startup, LiveWorld Productions (and its online community, Talk City).  Four years later, I was again on the forefront, being one of the first to be layed off do to the  I'm now doing freelance consulting in multimedia, computer games, Web sites, and other forms of media.  As of Summer 2002, I've been married for 28 years to a writer/designer, have an 22 year old daughter in London, and a 17 year old son.

Ed Schneiderhan
3748 Meyers Road
Verdemont, CA 92407
Year of Graduation: 1972

Where now? I am a working as a psychologist and professor at California State University, San Bernardino. I have been here since 1980. After leaving Sonoma in 1972 I went to Long Beach State where I received a Master's in Psychology (Counseling) and then went on to a doctoral program at University of San Francisco.

Memory of SSU: Most memorable for me were courses from Slagle and Criswell.

Favorite Instructor: All were dedicated and committed to Humanistic Psychology and stimulated me to continue a pursuit of third force values and education for the past twenty-five years. Thanks!


Charles H. Beck, MA
POB 636
Bayfield, CO 81122
Year of Graduation: 1979

Charles Beck is an internal consultant for a large regional hospital in Durango, Colorado. He trains physicians, managers, and senior executives in the areas of team building, communication skills, systems improvement, and total quality management. Prior to this he was Director of Day Treatment Psychiatric Service at that hospital. Charles is raising a 9 year old daughter, and together they enjoy fishing, hiking, sleding (he lives at 8,000 feet!), and computers (they are both cybernerds).
Currently: Full time cyberZen monk - preparing to embark upon a one road excursion around the US and Mexico as I gather materials for my upcoming publication: Crones and Wisemen - In Search of Wisdom Among the Fallen - an inquiry as to whether wisdom and depth of soul canexist in 20th century America. If you wish to be on my listserv as I write my articles, please email me.

Memory of SSU: Sleeping on Formica tables in the Stat Lab while trying tocomplete course requirements for Dr. Godolphin.

Favorite Instructor: Barry G., David VN, Jerry R., Bernd J

Jordan Grafman, Ph.D.
Cognitive Neuroscience Section
Building 10 Room 5S209
10 Center Drive MSC 1440
Bethesda, Maryland 20892-1440

Voice: 301-496-0220
Fax: 301-480-2909

I graduated from Sonoma State in 1974 with an honors degree in psychology. I thought that if you keep up with former students, you might be happy to know that I am a tenured scientist at the National Institutes of Health and am Chief of the Cognitive Neuroscience Section.

 Ronald A. Alexander Ph.D.
1551 Ocean Ave, Suite 230
Santa Monica, ., CA 90401
Year of Graduation: 1974

I'm in full time private practice in santa monica specilizing in creativity, health psychology and mind/body healing. I work with individuals, couples and groups. I consult to the film and music industries and recently rewrote the ending of a major motion picture as a psychological consultant to the director and producers. Currently I am the chair of the graduate psychology departments at Ryokan College in Los Angeles. We are a humanistic and transpersonally orineted school that offers degrees for licensing at the Master's and Doctoral level's. I also teach a course on Humanistic -Existential Group Therapy at Pepperdine Univeristy in theGraduate School of education and Psycholgy.

What have I been doing traveling and researching mind/body healing, yoga,mediation and healing while traveling in thewilds and trekking in Bali,Nepal, Thailand and India,. While in Thailand I rode elephants in thejungle, river rafted down a river on the Burma border, attended the KumbaMela in India with several million sadus, yogis, saints and fellow seekers..Studied Asthanga Yoga in Goa India and rode motorcyceles. Went to Bod Gayaand meet with Tibetan Monks and experienced mind\body healing from theshamans in Bali. Currently writing two articles one for the Second Handboodof Infant, Child, Adolescent Psychotherapy on Shame and Adolescense andwriting an articles on Anger, Sex and Violence for a book on Couples Therapybeing prepared by a colleague from UCLA. I also have been teaching Zen andCreativity at UCLA extension and leading workshops on the Core Self, The Artof Leadership and The open Mind Training: innovations in MEditation, andMind\body healing.

Memory of SSU: Sitting on the lawn with Eleanor Criswell learning about Sidney Jourard and self disclosure. It was sunny outside, blue fall sky and so intimate and deepening.

Favorite Instructor: It a tie between David Van Nuys and Eleanor Criswell both deeply touched me in profound ways that I mentor my students in a similar style keeping the roots of Humanistic|Existential psychology alive and well.

Ruth Parson
Year of Graduation: 1979

Where are you now? Where have you been?

I am living in Manhattan, where I have been working for the past six
years in the first Clubhouse Model psychiatric rehabilitation program
for people with chronic mental illness, Fountain House. This year,
2004, I celebrated two landmarks - my thirtieth year working alongside
people with mental illness to build extraordinary lives and becoming a
member of the Faculty for the International Center for Clubhouse
Development, traveling internationally as a trainer and certifier. I
have added oil painting and digital art to my Sonoma State work as a
sculptor, performer and writer. My life as an artist continues to vie
with my life in psychology. I'm hoping for at least another thirty
years to work this little problem out.

Most memorable time on campus:

Late nights working in the Darwin art building as a sculpture
technician for Steve Dubov and Kay Armstrong, while studying Jungian
psychology and metal casting. Quite the archetypal time.

Favorite Instructor:

Gordon Tappan, for guiding me through deep studies and understanding;
Stan Gertsen for drawing the connection between the mind and the body;
Nina Menrath for encouraging me to trust my own direction in
psychology; and Paul Molinari for bringing art and psychology into the
classroom, together. And of course to Steve Dubov for giving me my
Work/Study job in the Sculpture Department so I could keep my dichotomy
alive; Kay Armstrong for her trust; and John DiMarchi for his

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