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Sonoma State University offers a unique biofeedback professional training sequence.
This sequence is comprised of three classes:

* Psychology 454--Biofeedback and Somatics
* Psychology 566--Biofeedback Practicum
* Psychology 573--Biofeedback Internship

Psych 454 is an introductory class for biofeedback and somatics. In this class, the students receive first-hand experience with biofeedback in SSU biofeedback labs and are exposed to biofeedback and somatic theories and practices. This course provides a foundation for students who wish to become proficient in the field of somatics and psychophysiology, broadening
their understanding of psychology to include various aspects of the mind/body relationship.

In Psych 566, students who have completed Psych 454 work with real clients in the biofeedback labs. Students are required to function as beginning health professionals, and as such, learn the basics of case management,instrument operation, and professional behavior. Each student typically works with four or five clients. Students receive ongoing supervision for case management and instruction in how to use biofeedback instrumentation properly. In addition, students in Psych 566 serve as mentors to students in Psych 454, and as practical models of developing professionals in the field of psychology to other students in the department.

Psych 573 is an advanced biofeedback class in which students work in the biofeedback labs with varying numbers of clients, from two to ten. The instructor provides professional supervision in regards to case management and further professional development. The students present their cases, progress, and problems to each other. Additionally, these advanced students visit various psychology classes and demonstrate the concepts and practices
of biofeedback.

The Professional Training Sequence at SSU offers the following advantages:

* This sequence is the only one of a few university programs of its kind, and is recognized by the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America as a model program for the country.

* The biofeedback sequence offers students the opportunity to develop professional psychophysiological skills working with clients while they are establishing a sound theoretical background for future work in the field of psychology. They have the chance to use the learnings gleaned from other courses in the department in an applied setting with real clients.

* The discipline of biofeedback represents a uniquely practical and elegant hybridization of humanism and technology, reflecting the Psychology Department at Sonoma State's commitment to the full human being and utilizing the latest advances to help students gain the broadest possible understanding of what it is to be human.
* With computer technology increasingly invading our lives, computerized biofeedback represents one of the best uses of high technology, one that directly empowers the individual by cultivating the ability to self-regulate psychophysiological systems and improve health.
* The biofeedback training sequence provides a clear career path for students seeking to gain employment within the field of psychology and other health related fields.
* The biofeedback training sequence at SSU provides the vast bulk of the hours necessary for national biofeedback certification.
* The training sequence and labs provide the opportunity for relief and learning about how the mind/body functions within a culture that is decreasingly healthy due to chronic stress. Many people have been helped by students in the sequence who have provided biofeedback training and instruction for a wide variety of health-related problems.

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