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Testimonials from biofeedback students and practitioners:
  • I have always dreaded public speaking because I became very anxious as my presentation time approached. The relaxation techniques and breathing technique that I learned in biofeedback have greatly reduced my anxiety and I have actually enjoyed the last two times that I had to do class presentations.

  • The aspect of biofeedback that really moved me was being able to visually see your pyhsiology relayed to you through a electronic device. When you get a sense of what your internal body is doing through visual aid, it can be a great
    teacher. A teacher that lets you get more in touch with your mind/body connection and facilitates growth, learning, and greater capacity to control bodily functions and everyday life situations.

  • Biofeedback has changed my life. I used to think that I was "supposed" to get stressed when something upsetting happened. Now, I know that it is a choice. There are so few models of relaxation in our culture. The media promotes violent actions as herioc, and our culture is going so fast. Learning relaxation skills through biofeedback gives me a daily tool to create my reality and the quality of life. I wouldn't trade my biofeedback skills for anything!
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