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Sonoma State University

Psychology Internships

Agency & Contact Information

Agency Name: Family Life Center
Address: 365 Kuck Lane/Petaluma, CA
Phone: (707) 795-6954
Supervisor: Megan Bearg
Fax: (707) 769-8469

Internship Description

Job Title: Counselor

Compensation: paid
Amount/Type: Competitive. To be discussed in interview
Internship Length: 1 year
Hours Per Week: Full Time Positions

Population: Adolescents
Focus: Education, Mental Health, Substance Abuse
Setting: Residential Treatment and School

Duties: Working with a team of counselors with 13-18 year-olds, focus is on developing life skills and education.

Qualifications: No experience necessary. We offer on-site training.

Additional Information:

This internship was posted 8/03/12

last updated: 07.15.2013