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Sonoma State University

Psychology Internships

Agency & Contact Information

Agency Name: Catholic Charities Family Support Center
Address: 465 A St./Santa Rosa, CA 95402
Phone: (707) 542-5426
Supervisor: Carol Kempton
Fax: (707) 542-3148

Internship Description

Job Title: Intern

Compensation: unpaid
Internship Length: varies
Hours Per Week: To be determined

Population: Adolescents, Adults, Children, Couples, Family
Focus: Homeless
Setting: Community Agency

Duties: Clerical work, reception, interact w/kids during evening child care, interact w/residents, lead workshops and groups.

Qualifications: Must be age 18 or older, fingerprinting and background check required to work with the children.

Additional Information: This is a homeless shelter for families, single parents, and pregnant teenagers.

This internship was updated 8/21/12

last updated: 05.15.2013