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Sonoma State University

Psychology Internships

Agency & Contact Information

Agency Name: North Bay Veterans Resource Center
Address: 2455 Bennett Valley Road C#105
Phone: (707) 578-8387
Supervisor: James Luper
Fax: (707) 578-8387

Internship Description

Job Title: Internship

Compensation: Unpaid
Amount/Type: Unpaid
Internship Length: Prefer 2 semesters-1 yeaar
Hours Per Week: Min 10

Population: Adults, Family, Multicultural, Seniors, Veterans
Focus: Crisis Intervention, Education, Homeless, Mental Health, Outreach, Substance Abuse.
Setting: Business, Residential Treatment

Duties: Assisting staff with providing services related to housing, substance abuse, mental health and case managment services in residential setting.

Qualifications: Ability to maintain appropriate boundaries and willingness to work with staff around professional behavior/ skills. Ability to maintain kind, respectful presence in dealing with clients. Interest in learning about veterans' issues, case managment, and group commitment.

Additional Info- While the residential treatment aspect of the program is relatively new, this program was founded in the early 70's to serve the needs of Vets returning from Vietnam. Services have expanded to include veterans of all eras.


This internship was updated 07/15/13

last updated: 07.30.2013