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Sonoma State University

Psychology Internships

Agency & Contact Information

Agency Name: Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
Address: 1165 Montgomery Drive Santa Rosa, Ca 95405
Phone: (707) 522-1598
Supervisor: Kathy Exelby
Fax: (707) 525-5304

Internship Description

Job Title: Student Volunteer

Compensation: Unpaid
Non Financial Compensation: Students can register for free community classes (CPR certification, computer classes, work skills classes, etc.) Student Volunteers receive a 20% discount in our cafeteria. We also write letters of recommendation.
Internship Length: 1 semester, 2 semesters, 1 year, Summer
Hours Per Week: 4-8, depending on department

Population: Adolescents, Adults, Children, Families, Multicultural and Seniors
Focus: Crisis Intervention, Domestic Violence, Homeless, Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Setting: Hospital

Duties: Volunteers in each department perform functions and responsibilites to assist staff including assembling charts, restocking materials, answering non emergency call lights, making beds, baths etc.

Qualifications: Must complete lengthy hospital application packet, submit to a health screening and criminal background check, attend two hours hospital training orientation, and then specific department based training upon clearance. We require a minimum of 50 hours for student volunteers and for ICU volunteers we require a minimum of 6 months as well as prior medical education and/or experience.

Additional Information: Students who are interested should plan on the application process taking at least three months, so they should plan for the next semester. Students who applied now would be able to start fall, but not currently. We have a student volunteer waitlist, where students are added in order of the outreach to us. It can take up to two months to reach the top. Once they reach the top, we email them the application. The application process itself can take another month. So this is why I say three months as an estimate.

This internship was updated 7/30/13

last updated: 07.30.2013