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Sonoma State University

Psychology Internships


Because the Psychology Internship requires a signed contract with your agency - the Internship Agreement - you CANNOT register on line. Please make sure you follow the steps below.

Before you register, make sure you:

  • Meet prerequisites.
  • Attend an Information Meeting or talk with the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Lorna Catford.
  • Obtain an approved placement with a field supervisor.
  • Submit the Internship Agreement form with the signature of your on-site supervisor by the end of the Add/Drop period. The Intership Agreement form is available:
  • Provide your on-site Supervisor with our Internship Supervisor Letter.
  • Obtain a course Syllabus.
  • Inform the Internship Coordinator of your 1st and 2nd choice of Supervision Group Series.
  • Fall and Spring Registration

    • Make sure you submit your completed Internship Agreement by the end of the Add/Drop period.
    • Submit it to the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Lorna Catford, in her mail box in the Psychology Office, Stevenson 3092, or her office, Stevenson 3087.
    • If there are any questions about your Internship Agreement, Dr. Catford will contact you.
    • Dr. Catford will sign it and send it on for the Psychology Chair and Social Sciences Dean to sign.
    • We will take your fully signed Internship Agreement to Admissions & Records for you.
    • Admissions & Records will put the course on your transcript after the semester starts.
    • If you need to have the course added sooner, please attach an explanatory note to your Internship Agreement.
    Summer Registration
    • Design your Summer Internship individually with Dr. Lorna Catford, the Internship Coordinator.
    • Instead of a Supervision Group, you will set up individual Midpoint and Final Check-ins.
    • Submit your completed Internship Agreement at the start of your Internship.
    • We will obtain all signatures and send it to the Extended Education Office, Stevenson 1012.
    • You MUST go to the Extended Education Office to register.
    For further information, contact Dr. Lorna Catford at or (707) 664-2402.
    last updated: 06.10.2013