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Sonoma State University

Psychology Internships

How to Set Up Your Internship

If you are looking for an Internship among our resources

  1. Select a few that seem interesting and check out details regarding (but not limited to):
    • type of agency
    • client and job details
    • prerequisites
    • time commitment
    • compensation
    • training
  2. Set up interviews with at least two age ncies so as to have some choices.
    • Prepare written information to provide them if needed (Resumé, transcripts, letters).
    • Think of questions they might ask you, and be ready to provide responses.
    • Prepare the questions you want to ask them.
    • Remember: you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. There are over 100 agencies. Make sure you pick one that's a fit for you.
  3. Take your Internship Agreement (contract, available in the Psychology Office, Stevenson 3092) with you.
    • Make sure you have filled out your information in the top section
    • If an internship seems right for the agency and you, ask if they are ready to help you fill out Part A at your meeting.
    • If you or they need more time, set up an appointment to meet and complete the form.
    • Make sure your Supervisor signs the Internship Agreement.
  4. Provide your Internship Supervisor with our Internship Supervisor Letter (available in the Psychology Office or on-line at the Internship Supervisor Letter link).
    • Fill out their name and yours at the top.
    • Review what we ask of them.
    • Tell them what SSU provides (monthly supervision group and written assignments).
    • Show them the SSU Internship Coordinator contact information.

If you are designing a new internship

  1. Prepare for a professional meeting with the agency
    • Contact Dr. Lorna Catford at (707) 664-2404 or to discuss requirements.
    • Make sure you can articulate how this is a mutually beneficial partnership.
    • Take the Internship Supervisor Information Letter with you.
  2. Cover the following in discussion with your future Supervisor:
    • client and job details
    • time commitment and compensation
    • training and supervision they would provide
    • support provided by SSU
    • how to contact the SSU Internship Coordinator
  3. Complete Steps 3 and 4 above

If you will use your job for your internship

  1. With your supervisor select an area of professional development to pursue. This might be (but is not limited to):
    • a special project you take on
    • work with a new type of client
    • developing specific counseling skills
  2. Follow instructions for designing a new internship above
last updated: 07.25.2007