Research Participation

We believe that students cannot learn about psychological research without opportunities to experience all aspects of the research process from participation to design and analysis. Student volunteers can serve as participants in research studies and may have opportunities to assist faculty with their research. There also are opportunities to present and publish research with department faculty members.

Smith RASmith Participants

Research participation provides an important first-hand view of psychological science. If you are interested in participating, current projects are listed below:

Project 1. Track the Pack: Survey of SSU Sophomores and Juniors

If you began as a first year student at SSU in either Fall 2012 or Fall 2013, you also can complete the "Track the Pack" survey for extra credit. There is a second survey where you can enter your name for both a lottery (50$ electronic gift certificates) and class extra credit. If you did not get an "evite" to the survey, you can enter your information here:

Send me "Track the Pack"

Project 2. Tell the CSU what undergradautes think!

You are invited to participate in a study designed to gather information from CSU students about their attitudes, feelings and experiences toward the university and various public policy issues that affect university undergraduates. Rewards will be available for individuals who choose to participate. To make an appointment please go to the internet address below:

Undergraduate Opinions

(If the sign-up link does not work, try copying and pasting this link into your browser, or emailing us ( directly. THANKS!)

Thank you for volunteering your time to further our research.

Research Assistant

Many university graduate programs require students to have experience in conducting psychological research, as well as in analyzing data and writing up the results. To find out more about possible research assistant opportunities, students should consult with individual full time faculty members.

Summer Research Internship Opportunities

Many universities offer summer research opportunities. Check out the program at the University of Maryland here:
More information about possible summer research opportunities also is available here: