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Registration Dates & Information:

New Major Requirements for New Transfers Fall 2014: click here


Psychology Major Requirements prior to Fall 2014:

The psychology major is 40 units of Psychology courses, plus a course in Statistics. Six of the 40 units may be lower division Psychology courses brought in from a junior college or community college. Thirty-four of the 40 units must be upper-division (300 level and above) Psychology courses. Psychology 306 and Psychology 307 are required for the major. The rest of the courses are chosen in consultation with an academic advisor. See the Advising Guidelines and Major Requirements for more information.

Course Registration

Incoming transfer students are strongly advised to take Psy 306 the first semester at SSU; it's often a prerequisite for other Psychology courses. If Statistics has not yet been taken, it should be taken as early as possible at SSU. Psy 307 is usually taken the semester following Psy 306. Statistics and all courses for the major must be passed with a minimum grade of C. Incoming transfer students usually take the minimum following courses their first semester at SSU:

  • Psy 306 (4 units)
  • One upper-division GE (3-4 units)
  • One to two Psy upper-division course/s for the major (4 units each)

In order to graduate in 4 years, the University recommends taking 15 units per semester. Incoming transfer students take anywhere from 11 - 16 units. Psychology majors meet with an advisor to discuss their interest areas in Psychology and to plan coursework which meets their individual interests and career goals. For information on how to meet with an advisor check Advising Guidelines. For information on major requirements check Major Requirements.

The Department Chair will review major requirements, special department offerings and programs, GE requirements, and registration advice at the transfer advising sessions. Bring a current copy of your Academic Requirements Report from Peoplesoft. This form is essential for your advisor to see what GE requirements you've been given credit for by SSU.

Advice for Registration

During the registration periods, the University will notify you of your registration date and time, some time before registration begins. Registration is done online through a system called PeopleSoft. You should access registration in PeopleSoft before your registration time so that you know how to use the system. All course information, GE information, and registration information is online using PeopleSoft.

If the registration system does not allow you to enroll for courses such as PSY 306, which is only for Psychology majors, this means that your status as a Psychology major has not yet been entered into the registration system. 

GE Information

Transfer students complete 48 units of GE, at least 9 units (3 courses) of which are upper-division courses at SSU. Transfer students must print out their Academic Requirements Report and bring it to your first advising session. This shows what GE courses you've been given credit for, and which GE requirements must still be completed. This is the only way to insure that your GE information will be assessed. For transfer credits, print out a Transfer Credit Report from PeopleSoft.

All incoming transfer students must take 3 upper division GE courses (courses at the 300 level and above) in at least two different GE areas—after Junior status is attained. This may be the first semester at SSU, if you come in with 60 or more units, or if you reach 60 units in your first semester at SSU. Save room for these upper-division GE course when you plan your GE courseload. Students usually take one upper-division GE course each semester for 3 semesters after reaching Junior status. Psychology majors often take the following upper-division GE courses.

  • Psy 302, Life Span Development (area E)
  • Psy 303, Person and Society (area D)
  • Psy 325, Social Psychology (area D)
  • WGS 350, Gender, Sexuality, and Family (area E)

All upper-division Psychology GE courses can be double-counted in both GE and the Psychology major.


Students must take the CSU writing exam, the WEPT, and pass it in order to graduate. Students should take it in their Junior year. Check this link for more information on the WEPT.


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