Course Match

The CourseMatch program provides an opportunity for eligible fully matriculated CSU students to enroll in one fully-online course per term offered by another CSU campus. The program is aimed to facilitate access to high-demand, high success courses as part of the continuing effort of providing students with access to the courses needed to expedite graduation.

And it's gotten easier! CourseMatch is now all done on-line from your MySSU homepage!

CSU fully on-line Seawolf Scheduler

To participate in this program during the regular academic year (FALL and SPRING), you must have:

  • Completed at least one term at SSU as a matriculated student and earned at least 12 units here;
  • Earned at least a 2.0 at SSU and are in good standing;
  • Enrolled at SSU during the period of concurrent enrollment, and
  • Paid tuition fees as a full-time student (7 or more units)

Students are limited to one course at one campus per semester.

For FALL AND SPRING: Students enrolled in less than 12 units at SSU may be eligible for additional financial aid based on Course Match enrollment. Contact the Financial Aid office at or (707)664-2389 for information.

To learn more about this program and to apply, see CSU CourseMatch. Students should consult with an academic advisor or academic evaluator to determine if the course(s) will apply to degree requirements.