Sauvignon Co-Op Living

We believe it is a privilege to live in the Sauvignon Co-Op CommUNITY as a freshman; therefore, it comes with the additional responsibility of participating in its own uniquely designed residential program. Freshmen living in Sauvignon Village are required to participate in either the Sauvignon CommUNITY Cooperative (Co-Op) Program or the FYE Program.

The Sauvignon CommUNITY Co-Op Program was designed to foster within each resident a sense of pride, investment, and a desire to contribute positively within their living environment. Students choosing to live in the Sauvignon Village will be required to participate as a member of one of four Co-op Teams. The residents of the Sauvignon CommUNITY, with the assistance of the Co-op Team Leaders, will help to create, plan, and implement programs for their building community. These programs will be focused on their Co-op Team Area. Sauvignon CommUNITY residents will have the unique opportunity to interact and work closely with Co-op Team Leaders and Community Service Advisors.

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    The Co-op program is a GREAT way to:

  • Meet and connect with people
  • Live with people who have similar interests as your own
  • Be a part of a close community
  • Become familiar and connected with University resources
  • Gain knowledge and experiences in an area in which you are interested
  • Explore and not be tied to academic classes


  • Academic Success – This community is for students excited about their academics and their academic progress. Students in this co-op community will live with like-minded roommates and neighbors who selected this community for similar reasons – their school work is a major priority for them. Note: The academic success community welcomes those of various past academic success levels.
  • Environmental Sustainability – This community is for students interested or curious about issues related to environmentalism, caring for natural resources and reducing the human footprint on the earth. Students in the community will be provided opportunities to explore their passions as they relate the environment and sustainability.
  • Expressive ArtsNEW FALL 2014 - This community is for students who are already immersed in or want to learn more about different artistic expressions, which include, but are not limited to, music, theater, dance, etc.    Students will be provided opportunities to meet the Artists in Residence, attend theater and Green Music Center events together.
  • LeadershipNEW FALL 2014 - This community is for students who want to seek different leadership opportunities in college or want to expand their leadership experience.  Activities could include encounters with different student leaders and professional staff leadership on campus.  Please note that the Leadership Co-Op is not tied to University 238 (a leadership course).
  • Life Skills – This community is for students who want to enhance the basics of life.  Students will participate in activities designed to encourage safe and healthy cooking, laundry skills and also more complex subjects such as communication and problem solving.  Activities could include informal conversations with leaders in the community as well as formal programs and events.
  • Mind-Body-Spirit – This community is for individuals passionate about issues related to being healthy in the physical, emotional, and spiritual sense. Students living in the mind-body-spirit community will live amongst others who share their passion and excitement for being healthy and promoting health to others.

The Co-Op program in Sauvignon Village is designed to engage first year students.  Due to the unique structure of the Sauvignon Village apartments, residents have more opportunity to disengage in their integration into Sonoma State University.  The Co-Op program ensures that the residents in Sauvignon have a connection to two student leaders (their CSA and Co-Op Team Leader) who can help answer questions and encourage involvement on various levels.  The Co-Op program is divided into 6 thematic areas.

  • Monthly Team Meeting – In these meetings, Co-Op residents will get updates from their Co-Op Team Leader and will also learn about something in their thematic area.  Approximately 1 hour a month.
  • Monthly One-on-One Meeting w/Team Leader – These are the times that students can get advice on various concerns/issues as well as spend some time with a student leader.  Team Leaders will also try to asses if the student is involved at Sonoma State University.  If student is not involved or not acclimating well, the Team Leader will suggest activities and will accompany student to these activities as time permits.  Approximately 15-30 minutes a month.
  • Monthly Programs – Community Service Advisors and Co-Op Team Leaders will provide opportunities for residents to interact in their community through various programming, which will include a program in the student’s thematic area as well as social programming.  Optional attendance, but may be highly encouraged by Team Leader or CSA.