Sonoma State Safe Zone Home

SSU Safe Zone Allies

The following people have completed our Safe Zone training, are allies to the LBGTQi members of our campus community and consented to be listed here.

Name Department or Area Contact Information
Laurel Holmstrom-Keyes Academic Senate 664-2801,
Dr. Lauren Morimoto Kinesiology 664-2479,
Dr. Alexis Boutin Anthropology 664-2729,
Dr. Rebecca Bryan Kinesiology 664-2678,
Dr. Robert McNamara Political Science 664-2676,
Mo Phillips Residential Life 664-2804,
Dr. Rick Luttmann Mathematics and Statistics 664-2543,
Dawnelle Ricciardi Library 664-2877,
Dolores Bainter Music 664-2324,
Dr. Elisa Velasquez Psychology
Lillian Lee Admissions and Records 664-3101,
Susan Gutierrez Financial Aid 664-2287, susan.
Dustin Mollo Information Technology 664-3340,
Shawn Kilat Provost's Office 664-2028
Cathi Cari-Shuddee Physics & Astronomy 664-2119,
Matthew Lopez-Phillips Student Affairs 664-3123,
David Hartranft Academic Affairs
Dr. Margaret Purser Anthropology
Karen Fischer Extended Education 664-2682,
Mark Fabionar The Hub/Student Affairs 664-2710,
Louis Zweier Center for Distributed Learning