Sonoma State Safe Zone Home

SSU Safe Zone Allies

The following people have completed our Safe Zone training, are allies to the LBGT+ members of our campus community and consented to be listed here.

Name Department or Area Contact Information
Laurel Holmstrom-Keyes Academic Senate 664-2801,
Dr. Lauren Morimoto Kinesiology 664-2479,
Dr. Alexis Boutin Anthropology 664-2729,
Dr. Robert McNamara Political Science 664-2676,
Mo Phillips Residential Life 664-2804,
Dr. Rick Luttmann Mathematics and Statistics 664-2543,
Dawnelle Ricciardi Library 664-2877,
Dolores Bainter Music 664-2324,
Dr. Elisa Velasquez Psychology
Lillian Lee Admissions and Records 664-3101,
Susan Gutierrez Financial Aid 664-2287, susan.
Dustin Mollo Information Technology 664-3340,
Shawn Kilat Provost's Office 664-2028
Cathi Cari-Shuddee Physics & Astronomy 664-2119,
Matthew Lopez-Phillips Student Affairs 664-3123,
David Hartranft Academic Affairs
Dr. Margaret Purser Anthropology
Mark Fabionar The Hub/Student Affairs 664-2710,
Amanda Cronkright Library
Boutsaba Janetvilay Library 664-2446,
Laurie Baggs-Ortega Library
Lynn Prime Library 664-4025,
Julie Dinkins Library 664-4077,
Mike Kiraly Library 664-4153,
Hilary Smtih Library
Mary Dolan Library 664-2073,
Laura Krier Library 664-2459,
Caitlin Plovnick Library 664-3310,
Nicole Lawson Library
Laura Williams CAPS 664-2153,
Roberto Renteria Res Life 664-3500,
Katherine Atwood Institutional Research 664-3250,
Karen Targett WGS/ENSP
Susan Baur CDL 664-4408
Maricela Ibarra Education
Felicia Kalker Library 664-2951,
Jennifer Roberson Art History
Asha Nettles Associated Students 664-4061,
Kandis Gilmore Biology
Andru Luvisi Police and Safety Services 664-4058,
Karen G. Schneider Library
Carina Buzo The Hub
Katie Musick Academic Programs
Noelia Franzen Faculty Center/Academic Technology 664-3898
Caitlin Yates Entrepreneurial Activitites
Loriann Negri Writing Center
Rachel Carbone Associated Students 664-3852,
Xia "Billy" Lo Admissions
Kacie Shingara    
Dr. Cathy Kroll English
Heather Howard Martin CSLIS/Campus Life
Megan Konieczka Entrepreneurial Activities
Anna Reynolds-Smith EA Administrative Services
Alison Schneider GMC
Andrew Cronomiz GMC
Talmadge Savage Culinary Services
Timothy Wenby Culinary Manager 664-4355
Nicole Hendry Housing Services
Christopher Romo Culinary Services 664-4399
Neil Markley Entrepreneurial Activities/Campus Life
Jesse Ray Campus Recreation
Amelia Harbison Housing Services 664-2541,
Jessica Roshak CSLIS 664-2898,
Elizabeth Chelini Housing Services 664-2541
Danielle Croegaert CSLIS 664-4360,
Ashley Picotte Student Center Operations
Ryan Fitzpartick Campus Recreation
Holly Galbraith Culinary Services 664-3441
Kindra Kautz CES 664-3513,
Jessica Way Campus Rec and Student Center 664-2134,
Rob Smith CSLIS 664-3949,
Sara Marcus Housing Services Student Assistant
Mo Phillips Campus Life Programming 664-2050
Dan O'Brien Culinary Services 664-3342,