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Joe Standridge Receives the 2011 Students' Choice Award

November 3, 2011 12:00 PM

October 20, 2011

Joe Standridge Receives the 2011 Students' Choice Award

Rohnert Park, CA- Dedication to providing high standards of scholarship, check; commitment to advising, check; outstanding service to all students, check! These commendable traits, along with an array of others are found in Sonoma State University's accounting professor Joe Standridge. Standridge's exceptional dedication and passion for work was recognized by receiving the 2011 Students' Choice Award awarded by the business and economics students of Sonoma State.

Standridge has been an accounting professor at Sonoma State's School of Business and Economics for 15 years. In that time, he's gone above and beyond to help his students succeed both inside and out of the classroom. "The in-class learning environment Joe's created is very rare. Students are encouraged to participate and challenge themselves to not be afraid of making mistakes," said sophomore member of the Accounting Forum, Tayler Holdridge.

Aside from being an exceptional professor with a one of a kind personality, many students nominated Standridge for the Student's Choice award based on his position as faculty advisor for the Accounting Forum. Since becoming faculty advisor for the club ten years ago, Joe has shaped the Accounting Forum into an over 100 member power-house. Standridge works hard year-round to organize networking events with accounting firms and recruiters in order to place students in highly desirable internship and job positions. "I wouldn't have been offered a full-time job with KPMG if it wasn't for the persistence that Joe put into helping me realize my potential as an accountant," said Cortney Groth, senior who will begin working at KPMG in fall 2012. 

Groth is one of many accounting forum members that have greatly benefitted from Standridge's outstanding connections with the local community. "About 30 members of the Accounting Forum had internships this past summer. These students will graduate in May 2012, and were all offered full-time employment upon graduation with the respective firm they interned at," said Standridge.

The excellent structure of the Accounting Forum that Standridge has created helps members develop a unique set of accounting and personal skills that students carry into their future careers. Although this skill set is nice to have, the networking opportunities that Standridge provides club members are truly invaluable. "During recruiting season, I am on the phone at least an hour a day, if not more, promoting our students to potential employers as well as targeting new employers to come recruit on campus," explained Standridge.

Passion, commitment, and a sincere desire to create exceptional learning experiences for his students are evident in all that Standridge has accomplished as a professor and club advisor. The Students' Choice Award is an opportunity for Sonoma State business and economics students to display their appreciation for the remarkable impact that professors, such as Joe Standridge, have made and will continue to make on their college experience and success of the School.

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