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A Unique Kick Off for the North Bay...

December 10, 2012 12:00 PM


A Unique Kick Off for the North Bay...

Rohnert Park, CA- In cooperation with Sonoma State University, North Bay iHub, and Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster, Keiretsu Forum will kick-off of the first ever Entrepreneur Academy to be held in the North Bay.

While the academy has been helping entrepreneurs accelerate their access to capital in other parts of the Bay Area for over three years, this collaboration brings a proven program to entrepreneurs in the North Bay.  "Keiretsu Forum investor members are eager to find more and higher quality investment opportunities - where ever they can be found!  The Entrepreneur Academy, through its practical focus on accelerating access to capital, is helping do just that," reported Dave Mosby, Executive Director of the Keiretsu Forum Entrepreneur Academy.

"We believe that the North Bay is a largely underappreciated source of great businesses. By collaborating with SSU, the iHub, and SMBC, as well as local program sponsors and service providers, I believe we can find and help North Bay entrepreneurs learn that there are surprising investment opportunities just looking for a chance to be discovered," Mosby continued.  Because each of the classes is taught by either Keiretsu Forum investor members or practicing professionals who are part of the Keiretsu Forum community, the entire focus is equipping entrepreneurs to resonate with investors.

Dr. William Silver, Dean of Sonoma State's School of Business and Economics, noted that additional educational partners to support the growth of new businesses being launched in the North Bay is a great resource that will "fuel the growth of our entrepreneurial ecosystem."

The program is a direct result of Keiretsu Forum's participation in the recent North Bay Investor Summit held at the Sonoma County Raceway on October 30, 2012. It was there that leaders of all four organizations had an opportunity to meet. In a record breaking short time, they have collaborated to make this kick off a reality.

The kick off program will launch on December 18, 2012 then will continue on January 8, 2013, and February 5, 2013. Each session runs from 11:30am until 6:30pm and is jam packed with things to put into practice immediately. The venue for the program is Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster in Rohnert Park. For more details regarding this program, visit or contact Dave Mosby at

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For questions contact:
Dave Mosby, Keiretsu Academy,
Annemarie Brown, Sonoma State's School of Business and Economics,



Accelerate your access to capital

A unique program - just for you...
Keiretsu Forum's Entrepreneur Academy equips you, an entrepreneur, to accelerate your access to the capital, expertise, and resources you need to grow your business. Each class is led by seasoned Keiretsu Forum members and topic experts who deliver practical, relevant, and timely knowledge as well as practices that are critical to your business. After completing all nine classes in the program, you will be well prepared to engage in productive discussions with many types of investors but especially those who are members of Keiretsu Forum.

With compelling benefits - just for you...

  • Short-cut to Keiretsu Forum
  • Discover how to create a winning investor pitch
  • See how to build a fundable business plan
  • Learn how to prevent deal-killers
  • Grow your network of power contacts
  • Learn from experienced industry veterans
  • Meet like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Strengthen your own leadership capabilities

A scheduling approach - just for you...
Keiretsu Forum's Entrepreneur Academy has been created to integrate into the demanding schedule of entrepreneurs. The nine rapid-fire, intense, and essential classes are experienced in three one day sessions of three classes: One session once a month for three months. This gives you the time to assimilate and integrate what you learn into your business plans and operations.

A mentoring resource - just for you...
Each attendee gets assigned an Ambassador; a volunteer Keiretsu Forum member, to check in with you from time to time specifically to help ensure your success in the program.
There's a place - just for you...
Use of the following link to learn more about program content, schedule, and venue locations. Then register online for the program that works with your schedule.



About Keiretsu Forum Entrepreneur Academy
The academy equips entrepreneurs to accelerate their access to the capital, expertise, and resources you need to grow your business. Each of the courses is led by seasoned industry executives and delivers practical, relevant, and timely knowledge and practices that are critical to your business. The academy is an affiliate of Keiretsu Forum. . For more details, visit

About Sonoma State University School of Business and Economics
Sonoma State University School of Business and Economics' vision is to be the educational nucleus of a thriving North Bay economy.  Its mission is to create extraordinary learning experiences for our students and to advance best business practices in the North Bay and beyond. With undergraduate, graduate, and executive programs serving over 1500 students each year and concentrations in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Wine Business, and Economics, the School offers the most in-demand degree on the Sonoma State campus. The School of Business and Economics is accredited by AACSB (the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), making it one of 15% of all business schools in the world to meet these standards of excellence. For more information, visit

About North Bay iHub
The North Bay Innovation Hub (iHub) is a regional economic development collaborative formed under the State's innovative new program to modernize California's approach to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.  The North Bay iHub seeks to mitigate political barriers and promote a regional approach to stimulating job creation and technology commercialization in Napa, Marin and Sonoma counties. The iHub achieves this by stimulating partnerships between non-profit economic development organizations, government entities, universities, businesses, and investment networks to accelerate investment and economic development.  For more information, visit

About Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster
The Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster (SMBC) is a non-profit business incubator specializing in sustainable resources and socially-relevant technologies. Its function is to assist entrepreneurs and startup companies in achieving success through provision of: mentoring and coaching, a supportive service network, an intellectual and entrepreneurial environment, educational and networking events, contact to investment capital, an affordable full-featured physical infrastructure. Learn more at



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