Chick-fil-A: Restaurant Marketing Director (RMD)

August 20, 2014 9:18 AM

The overall goal for the Marketing Director is to increase sales by managing and coordinating their marketing efforts in a way that is consistent with their corporate purpose, which is:

"To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. 
                   To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A."

Selling more chicken is important but it is not the only goal of their Marketing Director.  Our RMD is encouraged to increase their sales by:
• Generating new customer visits
• Creating Fans of Chick-fil-A and increasing frequency of visits
• Increasing customer check average and outside sales
• Strengthening our brand image and presence in our community
• Assisting the effort to keep great team members motivated and excited

The resources available to their RMD provide all the tools necessary to achieve their goals.  In addition to the @Chick-fil-A website, their RMD will have access to the network of RMD's that are available in other Bay Area Chick-fil-A's, the Chick-fil-A RMD Forum on facebook, and the home office marketing help line assistance.

The RMD will need to complete an annual marketing plan, which will serve as a base line with constant modifications made throughout the year.

• Ensure Sampling is being maximized on a daily and weekly basis; maintain proper accounting of all sampling of food
• Ensure P.O.P. materials are up and all store merchandising is well coordinated (i.e. one consistent message) throughout each quarterly campaign
• Ensure appropriate Suggestive Selling is taking place (possibly setting up team contests...)
• Oversee birthday party program
• Team member birthday and anniversary recognition (and other achievements)
• Coupon, promotion and event tracking and analysis
• Development of a marketing plan
• Oversee the marketing budget as set by the Operator
• Store review (interior and exterior) of appearance and cleanliness issues for the store leadership to resolve
• Ordering all marketing supplies, with Operator's approval, when needed (Signet, warehouse, national campaign...)

• Build and develop relationships in the community, which will enhance the Chick-fil-A Brand
• Implement and execute leveraging food by delivering trays and blitzing products weekly and tracking all items on our Restaurant Intranet
• Establish goodwill and build sales through Be Our Guest (BOG) Card, Digital Offer Card (DOC), and Promotional Activities Library (PAL) coupon distribution
• Develop and execute cross-promotions with other merchants in the surrounding area (car dealers, hotels, salons, dry cleaners, real estate agencies, etc....)
• Represent the Operator, when necessary, and Chick-fil-A at community events
• Execute the Business of the Day Program
• Implement School Programs (lunch deliveries, perfect attendance, kid's bringing up grades, reading goals being met, etc....)
• Implement Mystery Shopper Program
• Obtain outside sales (CFA Catering) and be prepared to building the RMD team as future sales grow.

If a student has not graduated, the student will not be hired directly into the RMD role without first proving they are capable of performing at a high level and ready to tackle the challenges of being a marketing director.  (Students will start out as a Marketing Team Member).  That being said, the Salary range for our marketing position is $9.25-$15.00/Hour.  Once they go into the full-time role of being an RMD, this position comes with additional perks.  After being with Chick-fil-A for a full year, they will begin to accrue 2 Weeks paid vacation time each year.  They will additionally be offered Medical/Dental Insurance through BCBS.  After they have been with Chick-fil-A for 2 years, they will be afforded the opportunity to attend Chick-fil-A specific RMD training in Atlanta, GA.  They will be offered opportunities to travel throughout the country to assist with Grand Openings of other Chick-fil-A's and the great opportunity of spending time with other Marketing Directors from Chick-fil-A throughout the country.  Starting off as a Marketing Team Member and working into a RMD role could lead to additional opportunities at Chick-fil-A's Corporate Headquarters in the future. Marketing Team Members are required to work primarily in the restaurant during their first 6 months so they can learn all aspects about the restaurant and the culture before allowing them to represent me and Chick-fil-A in the community.

Start Date: ASAP
Salary: $9.25-$15.00/hr
How to Apply: Complete and submit the team member application: teammemberapplication.pdf

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