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Welcome to the place where students find jobs and employers find interns.

Internships are educational programs that give students the opportunity to gain practical work experience and academic credit at the same time. These are supervised programs of work and study which allow students working in government, community service, or business settings to apply skills and knowledge obtained in the course of their studies. The typical intern works ten to twenty hours per week.

The School of Business and Economics consistently places 80 to 100 interns each year in the local business community.

We are committed to expanding and improving both the number of internships we jointly sponsor and the quality of our efforts. Under the umbrella of the School of Business and Economics (SBE) Career Center, the Internship Program Director, Duane Dove is responsible to systematically:

  1. Develop internship opportunities for our students;
  2. Develop close relationships with organizations sponsoring internships; and
  3. Track the outcome of internship experiences from the point of view of the intern and the sponsoring organization.

Students - internships lead directly to job offers.  Read this article about the tangible benefits of getting an internship.

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