What kind of career enables you to make a difference?

Collaborate with teams? Creatively solve problems?
We need you to challenge business as usual. 
Bring the world fresh economic theories to bear in solving issues facing our world that we don't even know are issues yet. Put sustainability in our core business strategies as if it isn't even up for discussion. Put why on par with how. Reach for something new.

We can show you how with an undergraduate degree in Business or Economics. Whatever your passion and strengths, we'll help you uncover them, match them with a major that will help you reach your life goals, and achieve a life of substance.

At Sonoma State, you'll study with professors who will know your name and help you understand how to chart your way forward. You'll work alongside students who will support and encourage you. You'll meet working professional alumni who'll become a part of a network that will serve you for life.

In the end, you'll earn a degree that will empower you to make a living. As the world increasingly asks business and economics to help solve the issues facing our global community, you'll also have the tools to make a difference. 
Which program is right for you?

business presentationBusiness Administration. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in one or more concentrations prepares students for imaginative and responsible citizenship and leadership in society. Read about how our unique business program can best meet your future career plans. 
figurines around globeEconomics. The Bachelor of Arts in Economics provides the tools, analytical skills and industry knowledge needed to discover how to meet the current and future challenges of the world. See how a degree in economics can boost your career goals and aspirations.
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