B.S. in Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in one or more areas of concentration prepares students for imaginative and responsible citizenship and leadership in society--domestic and worldwide. And we're accredited by AACSB, placing our B.S. and MBA programs among just 15% of all business degrees in the world that meet the rigorous standards.

The degree includes a pre-business program, a set of core course requirements, and a broad range of fields of concentrations to choose from based on individual interests and career plans. 

Students in another discipline may find that a minor in business adminstration will expand their understanding and their opportunities. A minor consists of a minimum of 20 units. 

Requirements for Completing the Business Administration Degree

1.  Fulfill General Education Requirements.

2.  Complete Pre-Business Requirements.

  • 4 Pre-Business Preparatory Courses
  • 4 Pre-Business Core Courses
  • Computer Competancy

         *Access a detailed description of pre-business course requirements.

3.  Fulfill Business Administration Units Requirement.

  • Minimum Units Needed:  50 units

4.  Complete Business Administration Courses.

  • 6 Core Courses:  24 units
  • 5 Concentration Courses:  15+ units
  • Take elective courses to meet minimum degree requirements:  9-14 units

         *Access a detailed description of business administration course requirements.

5.  Meet Minimum Units Needed to Graduate.

  • Minimum Units Needed:  124 units

         *Access all requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Build your resume and increase your chance of getting a job after graduation by obtaining the Professional Sales Certificate.

Choose your concentration.

girl_thinking_left.jpgThe department of Business Administration offers seven concentrations for you to choose from including accounting, finance, financial management, management, marketing, wine business strategies, as well as a custom option designed by the student with the approval of a facutly advisor and  the department chair. Read more to determine which concentration will help you reach for your future dreams and career plans.



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