Wine Business MBA Foundation Course Requirements

The MBA Foundation course requirements provide the fundamental knowledge of business principles to prepare students for the study of business at the graduate level. These eight courses are typically met with an undergraduate degree in business. Please contact our office for individualized help identifying your foundation course requirements.

There are both lower division and upper division foundation course requirements.

Lower Division Foundation Courses Include the Following:

  • Econ 204 and 205 - Micro and Macro Economics (8 units)
  • Bus 211 - Business Statistics (4 units)
  • Bus 230A and 230B - Financial and Managerial Accounting (8 units)

Upper Division Foundation Courses Include the Following:

  • Bus 344 - Organizational Behavior (4 units) OR Bus 504 (2 units)
  • Bus 360 - Introduction to Marketing (4 units) OR Bus 506 (2 units)
  • Bus 370 - Introduction to Managerial Finance (4 units) OR Bus 507 (2 units)

Note: Foundation courses may be waived for competencies demonstrated by the undergraduate courses or their equivalents listed above or by examination, such as the CLEP exam. All courses listed at the 200 lower division level may be taken at a junior college. All courses listed at the 300/500 level must be taken at a four year institution at the upper division level. A student needing one or more foundation courses may be admitted as a conditionally classified student. The best way to determine your requirements is an individual review. Please contact our office, so we can help. 



All candidates for the MBA program in Wine Business will be expected to have completed:
24 units of wine related coursework or 24 months of wine industry work experience, or any combination thereof, before being admissible to the MBA program in Wine Business.
This requirement may be met by completing our online
Wine Business Management Certificate!

The MBA Foundation Course Series

To assist our conditionally classified students complete their upper division foundation courses, the School of Extended Education offers the "MBA Foundation Course Series." The accelerated course series is comprised of three (2) unit courses which will meet the requirements upper division foundation requirements.

  • BUS 504 - Foundations of Organizational Behavior
  • BUS 506 - Foundations of Marketing
  • BUS 507 - Foundations of Managerial Finance

The main benefits of this series of courses are:

  • Time Savings. You will be able to complete your  upper division level foundation courses more quickly.
  • Lower Cost. The courses are two-unit, versus four-unit, so the cost is substantially less.
  • MBA Class Environment. You will be in smaller, evening classes with other conditionally classified MBA students.

The series is held two evenings per week and costs $604 per unit. The courses may be taken individually if you do not need all three of the courses; however, to be eligible for financial aid a student requires six units. The courses are offered sequentially, each lasting approximately five weeks. The class method will vary by instructor; however, they will likely be hybrid classes involving work in the classroom as well as online instruction. 

The MBA Foundation Course Series is only offered in the spring semester each year.

If you are a candidate for these Extended Education courses, you can begin your registration process here (pdf).

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