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Marketing Concentration

In today's society no product, service, or idea can be successful without the creative and innovative support from the marketing department. Marketing involves creating, communicating, and delivering products and services in ways that customers find valuable. It's a functional area that falls between product development and sales. If you are looking for an exciting and challenging career, that is constantly evolving, marketing might be the right choice for you to pursue.

Most entry-level positions for marketing concentrations reside in sales. After gaining experience, sales professionals often move into marketing. A willingness to relocate often opens more career opportunities.

Career Possibilities

Sales and Promotions
        E-commerce; Person-to-Person Sales and Business-to-Business sales for all
        products/services in all industries
Marketing Management
        Product, Brand, and Marketing Strategy Management; Consumer and Trade
        Promotion; Customer Service; Project Management
Market Research
        Data Collection/Analysis; Survey Research; Forecasting/Reporting
        Wholesale; Retail; Agricultural; Operational
Social Media Management
        Strategy; Content Planning; Copy Writing; Blogging; Marketing and Promotions;
        Online Customer Service; Search Engine Optimization
Entertainment Marketing
        Sales/Promotion; Marketing; Event Planning; Public Relations; Social Media

Marketing Concentration Requirements

1.  Complete All Pre-Business Requirements.
2.  Complete Six Upper-Division Core Business Classes.
3.  Complete Five Courses From the List Below.  

Three Required Courses
BUS 367 Consumer Behavior (4 units)
BUS 469 Marketing Management (4 units)

Two Additional Courses
BUS 361 Marketing Graphics (4 units)
BUS 362 Services Marketing (4 units)
BUS 366 Retail Management (4 units)
BUS 368 International Marketing (4 units)
BUS 385 Special Topics (as relevant, 1-4)
BUS 396W The Global Wine Industry (4 units)
BUS 399MK Advanced Work Experience in Marketing (3-4 units)
BUS 461 Promotion Management (4 units)
BUS 462 Marketing Research (4 units)
BUS 463 Sales Management and Personal Selling (4 units)
BUS 464W Production, Operations and Distribution (4 units)
BUS 465W Wine Marketing (4 units)
BUS 468 Marketing Decision Making (4 units)
BUS 453 Small Business Analysis (4 units)
BUS 499MK Internship in Marketing (3-4 units)

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