Integrated disciplines. Leadership practice. A global perspective.

The SBE EMBA integrates the disciplines of business--just like business works in the real world. You'll move across finance, accounting, economics, marketing, and so on with a perspective that demonstrates their interconnectedness, as opposed to highlights the silos between them.
As a leader, you need more than just the book-knowledge of business. That's why the SBE EMBA pivots around a unique leadership model to prepare you to make the tough decisions within a solid business acumen framework.
Executive Schedule.
You'll study with a tight group of like-minded professionals who bring with them similar experience levels and different perspectives on the challenges faced by leaders. Facilitated by SSU's School of Business and Economics faculty - unique thought leaders who've long bridged academic excellence with business world relevance - the program will challenge you to think broadly about business: how to lead across the disciplines to move an enterprise forward.
EMBA Schedule 

Wine Intensive Option.

What makes this program unique is the emphasis of certain courses on wine industry issues delivered by faculty and industry leaders from their respective fields. These topics include strategic brand management, global wine operations, using social media as a strategic tool in marketing throughout the distribution chain, compliance and government relations, financial statement analysis, and talent management. All complimented by an off-site leadership experience and international business travel experience.

   Wine Intensive EMBA Schedule
Scheduled on alternating Fridays and Saturdays over the course of 17 months, the program is fast and rigorous, while honoring family and career. The content of the four modules integrates the business disciplines so you can make an immediate impact on your organization. Perspectives on entrepreneurship, sustainability, and innovation help you make a lasting impact on your world. The four-day sailing trip and two-week international trip anchor the program. The cohort model and a partner/spouse network provide support and build relationships. Print an overview of the EMBA program (pdf).
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