Master Learning Skills in Business (December 5-7)

Radically improve your study, memory, motivation and reading skills and understand whole text books in a few hours!

A new course for Sonoma State University students with Brian Weller - International businessman and expert on applied cognitive science for business education.

"These amazing skills not only improved my overall learning and study performance but I can directly apply them in my career and daily life"

December 5-7
Friday 12/5 5.30-9.00pm
Saturday 12/6 9.00-5.00pm
Sunday 12/7 9.00-5.00pm


Price: $415 (includes course manual)

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The Course Learning Objectives - what you will master

Head and brain1. Advanced Reading - Increase your reading speed 2-3 times with enhanced comprehension, retention and recall of curriculum relevant content in less time.
2. Enhanced memory - Greatly improve your working and long-term memory for all classroom lectures, homework and study.
3. Research Strategies - Practice and master the finest research strategies for projects and team learning assignments
4. Whole Textbook learning - Be able to deconstruct and understand whole textbooks (paper-based and eBook) in a few hours
5. Presenting - Present your work with confidence and creativity using the 10 cognitive principles from memory research.

The Course Manual
All participants will receive the 270-page course manual
The Brain Book by Peter Russell that includes Mind Maps by Brian Weller.

What to Bring

  1. A study/text book you are using in your business degree course
  2. A professional business magazine
  3. A pack of fine tipped color pens (minimum 12 colors)
  4. A large format plain white paper drawing pad (min. 11 by 17 inches)
  5. A notebook and pen

Please note: lunch is not provided and please arrive by 5.15pm on Friday 19th.

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Master Learning Skills Course Modules
  • Brain and Mind Mapping Skills
    • Brain-based learning. The core principles, practices and research that cover perception, attention, retention, recall and learning.
    • Mind Mapping-the master notation skill. A variety of applications will be practiced for study preparation, subject knowledge development, assignments, creativity and career development.
    • Attention-tuning, time and stress management techniques for high performance study.
    • Presenting skills and strategies for self motivated learning.
  • Advanced Memory Skills
    • The research and 10 master principles behind working memory, short and long-term retention and recall applied to:
    • Personal study, lectures and meetings, case study work and personal development.
  • Super-Reading Skills
    • The 7 problems of conventional reading and how to overcome them.
    • Advanced super reading drills for speed, comprehension and recall applied to textbooks and internet-based reading.
    • The 21-day super-reading development program. Eye relaxation and attention enhancement techniques.
  • Ultimate Study and Research Strategies
    • The 3-step rapid study strategy for everyday reading needs to cover professional journals, project updating articles and teacher development.
    • The 2-phase 8-step master research strategy for teaching assignments, deconstructing and remembering entire textbooks, conducting in-depth research for new teaching content and projects.
    • Creating my ideal study space at home and at the school for maximum attention, retention and recall.

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Brian J Weller-Dip AD H. Dip Des

Brian Weller
Brian has co-founded two international consulting firms specializing in brain/mind learning technologies and organizational development. Over the past 30 years, Brian has worked as an organizational and executive development consultant securing and maintaining a substantial number of Fortune 500 clients. These include: the British Civil Service, Barclays Bank International, IBM, Shell International Petroleum, DuPont and Imperial Chemical Industries.

Brian has contributed to 2 books on the themes of learning and critical social change, including The Brain Book by Peter Russell and is currently writing a book on the art of spiritual enquiry. He is a co-founder of WELL, Willits Economic Localization in Northern California dedicated to building community and economic resilience. He produced 2 Regional Localization Networking Conferences with delegates from 30 communities across the USA. Brian has also been an adviser to the Solar Living Institute in Northern California where he helped bring sustainable living education to the world through online courseware design. In 2006 Brian was one of 112 invited specialists at the international event 'Table of Free Voices' in Berlin, sponsored by the German government.

Current focus
Brian is a visiting professor at 5 leading business schools - Pinchot University in Washington State, the Dominican University of California in California, Chaminade University in Hawaii, Thammasat University in Thailand and Sonoma State University California.

View his recent documentary on Youtube

Contact:  Email:  Phone: 707 459 4499

Recent testimonials from students of Master Learning Skills in Business

  • "I highly recommend Brian Weller's course to my fellow students."
  • "Brian will teach you how to read faster, learn and retain more and study smarter. It is a wise investment."
  • "Amazing ideas on how to learn a LOT of information and process it in a short period of time."
  • "Should be required for all incoming students!"
  • "I would rate the instructor's ability as exceptional. Stories, anecdotes, teaching methods were all extremely effective for me!"
  • "Brian was fabulous - energetic, dynamic."
  • "Brian has outstanding ability and was highly responsive to individual and group needs."
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