Personal attention. Deep relationships. A lifetime return on investment.
And not a bad place to visit your children! We're a rare kind of business school. Faculty who aren't just teachers or simply researchers. But reachers: people that build relationships your student will take with them for life.

Ours is a student body and alumni community that brought with them values and that have found cultivation here. People who know you have to earn what you get. But also that everyone needs support along the way. 

We are a business school that is constantly building relationships in our community for not just our gain, but for your child's success. We strive to practice what we preach. Especially the tenant that we don't deserve your support. We have to earn it

SSU's School of Business and Economics is a special place in a special part of the world. Yes, we're experts in the wine business (we offer the only wine business undergraduate concentration and MBA in the country). 

But we've gained a perspective from our experience here that transcends the wine business. For example, how the best business practices balance the creative side with the quantitative side. How natural resources are an asset that must be sustained. And how to stop for a moment after a hard week's work. Swirl the glass. Take in the nose.

Explore our website to learn more. We encourage you to also contact the School of Business and Economics office at 707-664-2377 so that we may answer your questions and connect you with others in the SBE community.
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You may schedule a visit through the main SSU offices (linked below). But please be sure to contact us here at SBE so we may set aside time to meet with you. 
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