Chelsa Robinson

Chip in on all Fronts

chelsea_robinson_pink_lowres.jpgChelsa Robinson, a senior at Sonoma State University, has a "just do it" attitude that has paid off. Over the past four years, Chelsa has been chipping in her time with all kinds of activities, like the women's golf team, the mentor program, an internship, and the Wine Sense Club.

Chelsa's successful career in golf at Sonoma State University was due to her interest in golf at a very early age. She started playing at five years old, and at fourteen, golf became her passion.  Soon after, it became her goal to get a scholarship because of her skill. All the years of training in her childhood paid off for Chelsa, "The highlight of my college golf career was winning my first NCAA Division Two golf tournament."

She won the tournament by one stroke. The woman's golf team at Sonoma State is a force to be recognized, "We were consistently ranked in the top 25 DII women's golf programs in the nation." During her sophomore year the woman's golf team placed fifth in the national championship.

When it came to her academics, Chelsa decided on business as her major, knowing that she would find her business concentration through her pre-business classes. She remembers her advisor, Shelia Mackintosh-Simms, as a "lifesaver" when she needed help through her two years in pre-business. When she was a sophomore, she declared accounting as her concentration and computer science as her minor. 

After she declared accounting she became involved with the mentor program.  "I took it upon myself to reach out to Sarah Dove and Tracy Navas, they were both amazing." Sarah Dove is the School of Business and Economics Career Center Director, and Tracy Navas is the Student and Career Services Program Coordinator. Chelsa knows that without them she would not be as involved or as successful as she is today.  

"My role in the mentor program was to shadow and learn from the various professionals I worked with." Her first mentor was at the accounting firm, Pisenti & Brinker. Through this time in the program she saw that accounting was just not for her. She decided to follow a different path, and declared marketing and wine business as her concentration. 

Taking advantage of the program again she found her love for sports marketing. Her second mentor was Jill Kinney, the CEO of Club One Fitness. Even though the accounting firm wasn't a good fit, she would not have known that if she had not gotten involved with the mentor program. 

"The mentor program showed me just how important it was to get an internship."  She began an internship with the Sonoma Athletic Association. She worked for Frank Scalercio and Carlos Pena, the assistants to Sonoma State University's president, Dr. Rueben Arminana.  "I was able to shadow the both of them in their everyday professional life. It was nice to work for people who shared my same passion and love for sports." 

Even though she loved being on the golf team for four years, it did not leave a lot of extra time to get involved with other organizations on campus. With her free time now she is putting her energy into the Wine Sense Club. The club, established in 2000, works to provide students with the opportunity learn about the wine industry, as well as help students find a job after college.  She previously served as the vice president, but this semester she will be expanding her role as president of the club.

"It is huge to be involved; 'C's get degrees' just isn't true anymore," Chelsa explained when asked if she believed it was important to participate in activities on campus. Playing sports her whole life has given her the competitive spirit that has helped her to get involved in her time at Sonoma State. "The person sitting next to you in class could be interviewing for the same job as you a year from now, it is important to go that extra mile."

Chelsa has always thought of her time at Sonoma State University as a privilege, not a right.  Making the most of the opportunities Sonoma State has to offer and her "just do it" attitude has led her to her success. She encourages all students to not only take advantage of the opportunities the School of Business and Economics provides but also go after the resources, which are available to all students, to help them succeed.

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