Culminating Project

MBA Culminating Project

All candidates for the Master of Business Administration must complete a culminating project of publishable quality. This culminating project should evidence originality and independent thinking. The results should contribute to the business discipline by adding to technical or professional knowledge or by providing an application of technical or professional knowledge. A project report and public defense of the project are required.

2004-2005 Program

For those on the new program, the culminating project will be a group project completed as part of the capstone course (BUS 591 or BUS 592). The details of the project as well as the forms that need to be completed will be presented as part of the 591/592 syllabus.

Programs Prior to 2004-2005


Students must have at least a two-person committee to review the culminating project. The Committee Chair must be a full-time tenure-track member of the Business Administration or Economics faculty at Sonoma State University.

The project should include:

1. A statement of the problem or situation to be addressed,

2. the collection of secondary or primary data specific to the problem/situation,

3. analysis of the data, conclusions based on the analysis,

4. and a bibliography.
The project report which summarize the project will be submitted in two forms. First a document suitable for binding to be placed in the department library. This document to be 8 x 11 inches in size, double-spaced, with one inch margins, using Times New Roman 12 point font. Basic rules to be found in Guidelines for Master's Thesis and Projects at:  Second a digital copy of a Word document on either a CD, zip disk, or floppy disk.

Steps to completion include the following:

  • The student must file a GSO1 form indicating the faculty committee and subject of the project.
  • The student must enroll in 3 units of BUS 599.
  • The student, in consultation with his/her committee, will complete the project.
  • All project reports must meet professional journal standards.
  • Project reports not meeting this standard will be rejected. If necessary, it is the student's responsibility to seek professional editing help.
  • The defense must be completed prior to the last week of instruction. In addition, a memo to the School of Business and Economics faculty indicating date, time, and place of the defense, with the title and abstract of the project must be distributed a week prior to the defense. (Defense date, and time must be cleared with the committee).
  • After a successful defense, a GSO2 form must be filed.
  • Approved project reports must be turned into the MBA Coordinator within one week of the successful defense. One printed copy along with a disk with the text version of the project report, are required.
  • If the candidate does not complete all of these steps in the time required, the candidate must wait until the following semester to complete the project requirements. Projects needing additional semesters will require the student to remain continuously enrolled in BUS 578 until the project is completed.
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