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The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration includes a core of course requirements and a broad range of concentrations.  In addition to lower-division preparatory courses, all majors must complete a minimum of 55 units by taking the lower and upper-division core requirements and selecting a concentration based on individual interest and career plans.  The fields of concentration include: Accounting, Finance, Financial Management, Management, Marketing, Wine Business Strategies, and a Custom concentration designed by the student with the approval of a faculty advisor and the department chair.

Major Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration includes a pre-business program, a core of course requirements and a broad range of fields of concentration. All majors take preparatory courses, and core requirements, and then select concentrations based on individual interest and career plans.

Degree Requirements

  • General education [51 units]. As of Fall 2011 [50 units]. 
    • Take MATH 131 or MATH 161 in GE category B4
    • Take ECON 204 (previously 201A) in GE category D5
  • Non-general education prerequisite: ECON 205 (previously 201B) [4 units]
  • Pre-Business Computer Competency Requirement (PCCR)
  • Major requirements [minimum 55 units]
  • General electives (to meet minimum degree requirements) [14 units]
  • Minimum units needed for graduation: 124

A minimum of 124 semester units is required to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. A total of 55 units with a minimum 2.00 GPA is required for the major; 14-15 additional units are needed in preparatory courses, some of which might apply toward general education requirements. In addition to general education and the major, most students need to take other coursework to fulfill unit requirements for the degree. Such courses may be selected from the entire university curriculum and may be used to explore other disciplines, complete a minor, or take more classes in the major.

Typical Unit Distribution

  • Units from lower-division business core (4 courses) 16 units
  • Upper-division core courses (6 courses) 24 units
  • Concentration (5 courses) 15+ units
  • Minimum units required for major: 55

Transfer students may complete core requirements with fewer than 40 units; additional business electives must then be taken to complete the 55 unit major requirement. At least 28 units of the major including a minimum of 3 courses in the concentration (with the exception of the special concentration), must be completed at SSU.

Upper-Division Business Core
All business students must complete these core requirements (coursework in the selected area of concentration usually may be taken concurrently):

  • BUS 316 Production/Operations Management (4 units)
  • BUS 319 Management Information Systems (4 units)
    or BUS 334* Accounting Information Systems
  • BUS 344 Organizational Behavior (4 units)
  • BUS 360 Introduction to Marketing (4 units)
  • BUS 370 Introduction to Managerial Finance (4 units)
  • BUS 491** Seminar in Management Strategy and Policy (4 units)

*Students wishing an accounting concentration are required to take BUS 334.
** BUS 491, Seminar in Management Strategy and Policy, is the capstone course in the business administration major, see information below.

Electives in Major
If students need additional units in the major beyond the core and concentration to complete the 55-unit requirement for the program, they may elect to take additional coursework from their own or another area of concentration or from other approved courses offered within the business curriculum, such as BUS 292, 295, 296, 385, 388, 466, 495, and 499. It is recommended that students familiarize themselves with the major requirements as stated in this catalog and consult with a faculty advisor prior to choosing elective courses intended to meet major requirements.

Senior Seminar
BUS 491, Seminar in Management Strategy and Policy, is the capstone course in the business administration major designed to be taken in the student's final semester. Prerequisite: completed all other core courses and have applied for graduation.

All students are required to take and pass the Written English Proficiency Test (WEPT) in order to graduate. Take a look at the WEPT website for more information and for the testing schedule.


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