Economics Major

Economics is a social science that focuses on people and studies the ways in which they are organized in economic system for the production and distribution of wealth and income.  The B.A. Program offered by the Economics Department is committed to excellence and trains students to meet the challenges of the future in a wide variety of careers.

Major Requirements

This page describes suggested courses of study required to complete a BA degree in Economics. Throughout your academic career at SSU, it is important to seek advice and approval from an Economics Department advisor to insure graduation in a timely manner.


Economics majors and minors must take Math 165, BUS 211, or their equivalent (Basic Statistics) or an approved substitute as a prerequisite for ECON 304, 305, and 317. Students contemplating graduate school should take Math 161 (Calculus I) and other math classes after consultation with a faculty advisor.

Major Core Requirements

The major consists of a core of seven (7) courses and electives or area advisory study plan of four (4) or five (5) additional courses.

  • ECON 204 (previously 201A) Introduction to Macroeconomics (4 units)
  • ECON 205 (previously 201B) Introduction to Microeconomics (4 units)
  • ECON 304 Macroeconomic Theory (4 units)
  • ECON 305 Microeconomic Theory (4 units)
  • ECON 317 Introduction to Econometrics (4 units)
  • ECON 4XX 400-level economics seminar not used in a field concentration or advisory plan (4 units)
  • ECON 4XX 400-level economics seminar not used in a field concentration or advisory plan (4 units)

Units in the Major core: 28
Electives of your choice (4 classes): 13-16
Total units in major: 44

Total core course requirements is seven (7) courses normally totaling 28 units if taken at SSU, but may be less if approved courses were completed at another institution.

Custom Advisory Study Plans

Advisory study plans are available instead of concentrations to allow students to focus upper-division course work in other areas of interest. Unlike concentrations, advisory study plans are not designated on transcripts or diplomas. Economics Department faculty can certify completion of an advisory study plan.
Customized study plans may be developed in consultation with your Economics Department advisor.

Click here for a complete list of courses offered through the School of Business and Economics.

Want some help planning your schedule?  Look at the sample degree plan for the Economics major.

Be sure to talk to your advisor to make sure you're on track.

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