Computer Competency

All pre-business majors must complete the computer competency requirement prior to being changed to upper divison Business Administration. To complete the requirement students must demonstrate an intermediate or advanced level of spreadsheet knowledge through completeing one of the following options:

Current Sonoma State students may take CS 101, but the activity must be taught by Glenn Carter in order to get credit. Students have to pass the course with a C or better and earn at least a 70% on the cumulative test. Incoming or current students may complete an equivalent course at another school (see below) and transfer the credit in.

Transfer Students may complete an equivalent course offered at your school. For a list of approved courses, visit the 

Advisory Transfer List (pdf). The list will be periodically updated as new courses are approved. If you have already taken a course that you feel taught you an intermediate level of spreadsheet and do not see it on the advisory transfer list, you can submit a course description and proof of your grade for approval to the SBE office in STEV 2042.

If you feel you already have an intermediate knowledge of spreadsheet software, an Excel exam is offered off-campus by Nelson Staffing in Santa Rosa for a $40 administrative fee and by appointment only. Access a flyer with further details about this option (pdf). 

Test your skills!! Access a list of tasks that you'll need to have mastered in order to demonstrate your computer competency.

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