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  cortez_testimonial.jpg The Wine Business Institute offers four industry-driven certificate options:

Direct to Consumer and Wine Industry Finance & Accounting Certificates
Combine a set of required core seminars, plus the necessary number of electives, to earn these certificates. Taken as a whole, you'll develop the knowledge and skills to lead in your respective arena with the credential to prove it. Each can be completed in one semester or at your own pace. For students completing both certificates, some electives may be transferred for credit to the second earned certificate. Access more information about the Direct to Consumer Certificate or the Wine Industry Finance and Accounting Certificate.

Online Wine Business Management Certificate
Whether you're a current industry professional, a winemaker or viticulturist, or someone wanting to enter the industry, this certificate is designed to challenge you while developing a superior understanding of wine business operations. Made up of the three levels delivered in a convenient online format, it strengthens your knowledge of wine business fundamentals, marketing, supply chain management and eCommerce, preparing you to enter the industry, advance your career, or start your own business. Access more information about the online wine business management certificate.

Wine Business Strategy an Executive Residential Certificate
In an increasingly competitive and global wine industry, having a clear business, financial and product plan rooted in reality and contextualized to account for external forces is essential for success. To address this need, the Wine Business Institute at Sonoma State University announces the creation of an executive residential program for the owners and top management teams of small to medium sized wineries in the United States.

The goal of the program will be to provide the leadership team of a winery with the opportunity to step back and develop a strategic plan to managing their business over the next 5 years. During the course of the program, the team will have the opportunity to work together in a structured process with a variety of subject matter experts from Sonoma State and from the wine industry. Access more information about the Wine Executive Residential Certificate.


Wine Entrepreneurship Certificate
Wine Entrepreneurship takes a systematic look at the different components of a successful wine brand and assists you in creating a strategy for sustainable profitability and cash flow. You hear from industry leaders and veterans who describe their experiences and lessons learned.

Instructor Anisya Thomas Fritz, Ph.D. brings her first-hand experience as proprietor of Lynmar Estate, a family-owned producer of ultra-premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, where she serves as the Director of Marketing and Consumer Sales, to help you begin a business plan that lays a solid foundation for your wine business.
Access more information about the wine entrepreneurship certificate.

Wine Branding Certificate: Building a Competitive Wine Brand
This certificate offers a theoretical foundation with practical insights to assist managers in their day-to-day and long-term brand decisions. Specifically, a number of key concepts related to brand management such as brand equity, brand portfolio, and brand positioning are incorporated into a series of case studies to optimize students' learning. Furthermore, the course covers the fundamental theories related to strategic branding in the context of the wine business. Access more information about the wine entrepreneurship certificate.

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