Curricular Forms


EPC Curriculum Change Forms

EPC forms have now been formatted as pdf documents with digital signature functionality. If you download a form, also download the instructions for these new documents and how they will be signed.

Always save these documents to your desktop or other area on your computer that you will remember. DO NOT OPEN THESE FORMS IN PREVIEW - IT WILL CORRUPT THE FILE. Once they are filled out and/ or signed, you will save the form again before emailing it to the next person. If you have any technical questions, contact the Senate office or call 42801.

Directions! READ ME FOR SURE!

Proposal for a New Minor, Concentration, Emphasis or Certificate

Revision of an Existing Program

Academic Reorganization

Master Catalog Course Change Form - please note naming convention and routing directions for these forms!

Directions for electronic MCCCFs and work flow

Flow Chart of curriculum changes from Department to Final Approval

For New Programs, Majors or Degrees, please use the forms from the CSU website:

General Education Course Forms

Experimental GE course form

Permanent GE course form

GE course modification proposal

GE course review

GE course substitution form


EPC form: Discontinuance of a program or major - download the form to see the digital signature fields

School Curriculum Committee Chairs

Christine Renaudin, Arts & Humanities
Karen Thompson and Mike Visser, Business & Economics
Karen Grady, School of Education
Murali Pillai, School of Science and Technology
Jeff Baldwin, Social Sciences

Digital Signatures

Here is a short video explaing how to make your digital signature for EPC curricular forms.




This video is more general: Excellent video describing digital signatures and how to make them in Adobe Reader