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How to Invite People to Your LinkedIn Group by Invitation

You can get more people in your LinkedIn Group by sending invitations to your Connections and to people's email addresses. (This is different than inviting people to your LinkedIn Group by sharing.) Go to your Group and go to Manage at the top. Go to the left column and select Send Invitations You can type in the name of the Connection into the text box. You can also click on the LinkedIn icon next to the text box and get...

Creating Facebook Lists

Being connected with lots of Pages, Groups, and people can clutter your Newsfeed. Use Lists to clean up your Newsfeed to improve both personal and professional Facebook use. Go to Friends in the left column of your Newsfeed and click More This is how you get to your Lists. Facebook gives you some groups by default: Acquaintances, Family, Close Friends, and Restricted. The other Lists are automatically generated by the information provided in your Facebook bio, such as where you...

Intro to Instagram

Instagram is a mobile application owned by Facebook. It is used for sharing photos and 15 second videos with extensive use of hashtags (#) making it easy for users to view other images with the same individuals, theme, or location. Instagram images can be viewed on a desktop computer, but it is designed for use with mobile devices. It is very popular with traditional aged college students and is great if your department wants to share lots of pictures!...

Is Your Department Ready for Video Prominence on Facebook?

Facebook is getting more serious about video consumption. The old video section put all of your videos in one place without a way to organize them. The thumbnails did not have titles and there were no featured videos or playlists. The new Videos Tab allows you to feature a video that will be prominently displayed when people visit your videos tab. You can also create Playlists for your videos tab. Make playlists to organize your videos. There will be tips...

How to Use Twitter to Keep Your Website Up-To-Date

Create a Twitter widget and keep your website up-to-date. Go to your Twitter profile by clicking on your icon. Go to Settings. Access Widgets from the column on the left side. Go to Create New to make your widget....