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How to Use Twitter to Keep Your Website Up-To-Date

Create a Twitter widget and keep your website up-to-date. Go to your Twitter profile by clicking on your icon. Go to Settings. Access Widgets from the column on the left side. Go to Create New to make your widget....

How to Search Facebook Keywords

You can now search for posts that have been shared with you on Facebook. Use this feature to look for things in older posts using keywords. Put keywords into the search bar that you remember from the post. The tab categories to choose from are Posts, People, Photos, Pages, Places. Select the tab you want look at. Listed under the More tab is Groups, Apps, and Events. The search results include any time the keyword you have chosen appears. Note:...

How to Manage Comments on Your YouTube Channel

You can manage the comments on your YouTube videos. You can mark them as spam, delete them, and ban the user from your channel. Go to the comment you want to manage. There is a small arrow on the far right of the comment. Select the action you want to take...

How To Switch Between Posting as Your Page and Yourself on Facebook

You can switch from acting as your Page to acting as yourself before posting, liking, or commenting on a Status Update. Go to your page and start a new post. Click the logo in the top right corner. (This may be a flag, your Page's logo, or your personal Profile picture) The drop-down menu will ask what Profile you want to switch to. You can also switch before making a comment....

Google+ Hashtags

On other channels such Facebook and Twitter, hashtags are used to curate content. This works on Google+ as well. Additionally, Google+ gives you related hashtags to explore. For example: Searching for #SonomaCounty brings you to a page of people talking about Sonoma County. See top right of this post for the hashtag (#SonomaCounty) When you click on the hashtag in top right, a drop down appears of clickable related hashtags. More information on Google+ hashtags: https://support.google.com/plus/answer/3120322?hl=en http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/google-hashtags-more-exposure/...