Graduate Programs

Social Workers: Help Starts Here
This site describes many ways social workers can help individuals, families and communities and how to prepare for a career in social work. There is also a link to the National Organization of Social Workers (NASW).
The Council on Social Work Education
CSWE is the association that accredits academic programs that offer social work degrees. There is a link to accredited BSW and MSW social work programs (search for “accredited programs” under “quick links”). For SSU grads, the MSW programs are most relevant-- there is no advantage to returning to school to obtain a BSW. Most professional social work jobs require an MSW.
The California Social Work Education Center
As part of the Title IV-E program, there is a significant amount of financial support available for MSW students pursuing careers in public child welfare e.g., protective services. CALSWEC describes the efforts of schools of social work in California and various public agencies to provide stipends to these students. This site describes the goals and requirements of the Title IV-E program and the financial assistance that is available. Each California school of social work will have a link to describe the eligibility requirements for Title IV-E for that particular school.