Tenured & Tenure-Track Faculty

facultyThe Department of Sociology has six full-time tenured and tenure track faculty plus three tenured faculty who are participating in the Faculty Early Retirement Program.

Tenured and tenure-track faculty teach courses, conduct research, and publish on a variety of topics in sociology. All tenured and tenure track faculty members serve as academic advisors for the Sociology major. Select an individual faculty member’s name to learn more about their research interests, teaching, and publications.

Tenure and Tenure Track Faculty Fall 2015 Office Hours

Office Location
Office Hours
Noel Byrne noel.byrne@sonoma.edu 664-2517 Stevenson 2084-G On Leave
Kathy Charmaz kathy.charmaz@sonoma.edu 664-3955 Stevenson 2084-G Mon/Wed 9:30-9:55am
James Dean james.dean@sonoma.edu 664-2599 Stevenson 2085 Wed 11am-1pm
Brian Gillespie brian.gillespie@sonoma.edu 664-2583 Stevenson 2084-N Mon 2-5pm
Elaine Leeder leeder@sonoma.edu 664-2120 Stevenson 2087 Mon/Wed 2-3:30pm
Melinda Milligan melinda.milligan@sonoma.edu 664-2254 Stevenson 2084-F Wed 2-3:30pm
Thurs 9-10:30am
Debora Paterniti debora.paterniti@sonoma.edu 664-3033 Stevenson 2084-I Mon 2:30-4pm
Tues 10:30am-12:00pm
Peter Phillips peter.phillips@sonoma.edu 664-2588 Stevenson 2084-A Mon 3-6pm
Cindy Stearns cindy.stearns@sonoma.edu 664-2708 Stevenson 2084-B Mon 9:30-11am
Thurs 12-1:30pm

* All phone numbers are in the (707) area code.