The 2013 Class Nears Completion

Sonoma State Cellars is a hands-on, MBA-level, wine business course that teaches students the ins and outs of running a wine business.  This year, Stephen Sterling, co-owner of Esterlina Vineyards and Everett Ridge (and a Wine Business Institute Board member), is teaching the students with lessons in the classroom and through field visits to leading North Coast wine operations. And, of course, with our bonded winery partner, Kokomo Winery, the students are learning how to market and sell a current release.

In 2009, Sonoma State Cellars started as a dream.  Today, the 2013 class is applying their learning to a release of Sonoma State Cellars 2011 Dry Creek Valley Cuvee. 

Help them make the grade!  Join them on Saturday, April 20th from 1:00 to 4:00 for the release party at Kokomo Winery, located at beautiful Timbercrest Farms in Dry Creek valley.

Tell us you’re coming to the party and get the event details.

The students of Sonoma State Cellars, along with the Wine Business Institute and the School of Business and Economics, support the safe and legal use of alcohol beverages. As an educational program focused on learning the business side of the wine industry, we emphasize the guidelines for responsible consumption and the risks of alcohol abuse. Please drink responsibly and know your own limits.