Strategic Plan 2025

In 2017-18, Sonoma State University engaged in a comprehensive process to share, shape and unite around a strategic plan, one that will set the direction for the university for years to come. On June 1, 2018, President Judy K. Sakaki endorsed the Strategic Plan:

Building Our Future @ SSU - Strategic Plan 2025.

For questions and/or comments the email remains open to ensure we do indeed have a living, breathing document throughout the life of the plan.

We want to thank the nearly 4,000 individuals including faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members who contributed to making this process a success, resulting in a living document that will help Sonoma State achieve its vision of becoming a national model for higher education by 2025. But the hard work is really only beginning. The sharing and shaping phase is now over. It’s time to start building. Please mark your calendars for the official campus-wide launch of the Strategic Plan 2025 this fall when we will describe the next steps for “Building our Future @ SSU.” More information to come this summer.

How important is it for SSU to be a national model for Student Success and Academic Excellence?

39% Absolutely essential, 39% Very important, 18% Average importance, 3% Little importance, 1% No importance

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Stay tuned for the official campus-wide launch of the Strategic Plan 2025 this fall.