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MOSAIC Peer Advisor

Title: MOSAIC (Making Our Space an Inclusive Community) Peer Advisor
Department: Residential Life
Position Offered: Student Assistant/College Work Study
Compensation: 10 Hours/Week @ $9.25/hr

Summary Description:

One of the signature points of the MOSACIC Program is the utilization of Peer Advisors who play a critical role in connecting the classroom to the living room. This is a year-long commitment. In the fall, the Peer Advisor will be required to fulfill the role of a Peer Mentor in a specialized section of University 102, but also to set-up outside of the class field trips, events with faculty members and study groups. These specialized MOSAIC sections of University 102 will cover the traditional Univ 102 themes, but will focus on issues of diversity and social justice. In the Spring, the Peer Advisor will be required to independently teach a weekly one-unit seminar. Peer Advisors must be available in late August and every Friday from 1-3pm for training.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Fulfill Job Responsibilities of an Univ 102 Peer Mentor
    Team-teach University 102: First Year Experience. Help facilitate discussion addressing transitional issues, arrange panels, and assist with academic concerns and advising. Help integrate service learning into the curriculum.
  2. Connect Classroom Initiatives to the Living Community
    Prepare outside of class events to enhance the classroom learning in the specialized MOSAIC classes through social events and field trips. Meet one on one with students several times outside of class. Coordinate study groups and tutoring sessions.
  3. Teach a One Unit Spring Semester MOSAIC Seminar
    Develop the curriculum, determine day and time of course, create syllabus, and evaluate student success.
  4. Coordinate with MOSAIC Block Curriculum Faculty
    Maintain contact with core faculty to monitor student progress and keep informed of students' assignments and due dates by one:one meetings, email and phone.
  5. Work Collaboratively With MOSAIC Community Service Advisors (CSA)
    Communicate effectively with the CSAs to mutually build a positive learning environment for each MOSAIC resident.


1. Required:
Mature, self-motivated, quick learner, able to work with minimum supervision and in teams. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills needed. Extensive knowledge of the Sonoma State University campus and programs. Advanced knowledge of contemporary issues in regards to social justice and diversity. Must be able to work with diverse populations. Satisfactory completion of University 238 course (B or better); A similar course of parallel gateway leadership experience may be substituted for this requirement; successful performance in a prior SAEM leadership position. Minimum cumulative, and semesterly, GPA of 2.75 at time of application and must maintain 2.75 GPA throughout hiring and employment. Must have the ability to be available in the residential community.

**Must also be available to attend Spring Pre-Service on Friday, April 25, 2014 from 1pm-6pm. This will entail MOSAIC Pre-Service and Peer Mentor Pre-Service

2. Preferred:
Minimum of 4 semesters completed at SSU by Fall. Basic knowledge of computers, SSU e-mail, and other campus computer systems. Knowledge of the MOSAIC program.

Work Schedule:

Freshman Seminar Class (Univ. 102) 3 hours
On-going training 3 hours
Meeting with faculty 1 hour
Informal and class follow-up with students 3 hours (phone calls, lunch meetings, check-ins, advising, reading/grading class assignments, communication with core faculty, attending programs)
Total: 10 hours a week

How to Apply for this Position:

1. Go to to access all job descriptions. Beginning November 1st, go to the same website to access and submit your online application.
2. Attend an Information Session. Dates are listed in the application packet.
3. Sign up for the Foundations of Leadership Class, UNIV 238.
4. Submit your online application no later than 4:30pm on January 31, 2014.
5. Sign up January 29-31, 2013 on-line for group process and individual interviews.


Direct questions about the MOSAIC Peer Advisor position to the following coordinators:

Khou Yang-Vigil, Cabernet & Zinfandel RLC
Nolan Pfyl, Freshman Learning Communities Graduate Assistant,
Office of Residential Life

sonoma state university, 1801 e.cotati ave rohnert park, ca 94928