The contact persons at SSU for any questions regarding the program are the following.
For GENERAL QUESTIONS about the Early Start Program, please contact Magali Telles
For REGISTRATION and COURSE information, please contact Adrianne Price at

Refer to the Early Start Program webpage for more details at .

New First Time Freshmen

The California State University (CSU), which draws its students from the top third of California's high school graduates, has long accommodated large numbers of incoming students who need remedial education in English and mathematics. Half of incoming students require additional preparation.


The CSU systemwide and SSU policy require that all entering students needing remediation (Math and/or English) take and complete all remedial courses within their first year of enrollment. Students must enroll in the appropriate remedial courses in their first semester.

Failure to do so results in administrative academic disqualification from the university. If students do not complete remediation in their first year of enrollment, they may be allowed to complete it during the summer in order to be allowed to return to SSU in Fall. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Compliance Office in Admissions and Records of this situation.

Students are required to enroll in the course in which they have placed based on the EPT and ELM tests. If students pass a summer remedial course or retake tests and score higher on the ELM, or others, they will then be eligible to change their classes during PASS 2 or Open REG. The ELM (score of 50 or higher is passing).

Students can get a head start on satisfying remediation requirements during the summer before Fall semester at a local community college or online.
Frequently Asked Questions about EPT-ELM Placement Tests & Remediation

A) I wasn't able to take the EPT-ELM. What’s going to happen?
As far as Sonoma is concerned, check the Main SSU Testing webpage ( to see when SSU will be offering the next EPT (ENGL) and ELM (MATH) tests. In some cases, it may be too late to have this be as an option, at least at SSU because the scores may not be available in time for Orientation and/or other deadlines to be met.
1. The Registration is set up to be done online at:
2. Other CSU campuses might be offering other possible testing dates. You just have to research them individually.
3. Check their individual websites for the schedule of exams & deadlines.
4. To see an Academic Year’s Testing Calendar for all the CSU Campuses, visit the last pages of the CSU EPT-ELM Bulletin online at:

B) Can I still come to Orientation?
1. Yes, but realize that by not having neither an EPT or ELM placement score, you may not be placed in the correct ENGL and/or MATH course at that time.
2. Realize also that, as classes will most likely get filled & once you do get around to taking the exams, the course you need might be full. Which if it is the case that you need Remediation, it puts the pressure of having to satisfy any Remediation requirement through alternate means. For further questions regarding Orientation, contact the Office at:

C) Can I retake the EPT-ELM CSU Placement tests?
1. EPT: No
2. ELM: Yes, but it has to be ‘every other testing session’. This condition means that you cannot test within the same back-to-back testing cycle as defined by schedule. To know the cycle, contact the Testing Office of any CSU Campus.

D) When will the scores be available?
1. The scores for the EPT-ELM are usually processed and available within 2-3 weeks of the Test dates.
2. On the day of the Tests, the Room Supervisors will announce when the exact week will be that the scores will be available.
3. In some cases, some CSU Campus elect to do ‘Local Scoring’. This means that the Tests will be graded locally and the scores will be available the following first day of the work-week. To know if that is the case, contact the Campus Testing Office directly regarding this.

E) Are there other ways of taking care of my Remediation?
Yes. There are other possible alternatives to either satisfy any Remediation or be ‘Exempt’ from having to take the EPT-ELM Placement tests.

1. You can retake your SATs, you need a 550 for MATH and a 500 for ENGL.
2. You can take the ACT and score a 23 for MATH, score of 22 for ENGL.
3. You can take Advanced Placement (AP) Exams and score a 3 or higher. For more info go to:
4. You can consider taking the CLEP MATH & ENGL subject exams. For more info go to:
5. You can consider taking the DSST (DANTES) subject exams. For more info go to:

F) Can I take my Remediation at a local Community College the summer before I enroll in the Fall?
1. Yes.
2. This is another way you can satisfy any Remediation required. Do realize that the Community Colleges will most likely also have you take their ‘Placement Tests’. So it might be the case that you may test out or not.
3. Some Community Colleges may not have Summer Sessions due to budget cuts.
4. You have to go through the process of Applying & then Registering for the courses.
5. Here is a link of Remedial courses at Community Colleges in the state that are equal to Sonoma State’s Remediation courses:

G) Can I do my Remediation courses online instead?
1. Many students have elected to enroll in online courses for the summer prior to entering the Fall Semester.
2. Other students take on-line Remediation courses during the Academic Year.
3. A lot of our student use BYU Online or Coastline Community College online programs for example.

H) Does the Early Start Program (ESP) take care of my Remediation?
1. No.
2. Your Remediation requirements with SSU, does not replace your required completion of the Early Start Program.
3. The Early Start Program does not satisfy any Remediation for SSU & is a totally separate requirement.
4. To learn more about the Early Start Program requirements, visit their website at:

Magali Telles is the contact person at SSU for any questions regarding the program. If they have more questions, email Magali at

I) Do I need to take the EPT-ELM Placement tests?
If you are not sure if you are or would be exempt from taking the EPT/ELM, and/or have an 'exempt' or 'conditional' result, contact Admissions & Records for those coming to the Sonoma Campus specifically for your details and conditions at: 707-664-2778 or online:

J) I need my test scores? Where can I get them?
Students can look their test score(s) results at the EPT-ELM website where they initially logged on to register for the tests.
Go to: You can also contact EPT directly at their Customer Service at 1-925-808-2142.

K) I am not going to ‘pass’ my MATH 45 course. What is going to happen?
The best plan is for you to pass MATH 45. For Sonoma State, a passing grade for the MATH 45 is a D letter grade. If in case you will fail at the end of your 2nd Semester:

1. It will be imperative that you discuss this possibility with your Record's Evalautor as soon as possible and plan to enroll in the equivalency of MATH 35 or MATH 45 at your local Community College.

MATH 35 = Algebra 1 (Beginning)
MATH 45 = Algebra 2 (Intermediate)

Here is a link of Remedial courses at Community Colleges in the state that are equal to Sonoma State’s Remediation courses: