Tom Buckley

o                                PhD 1999 Utah State University, Biology

o                                BS 1994 James Madison University (summa cum laude), Biology, minors in Mathematics and Chemistry

o                                Postdoctoral institutions: Australian National University, Utah State University, University of New South Wales

o                                cv


I fell in love with plants while growing up in Virginia, where I spent my free time backpacking in the Shenandoah and Allegheny Mountains. In college I studied organismal botany, chemistry and math. After a summer in college as a volunteer ranger at Great Basin National Park in Nevada, I decided to go to Utah for graduate school, where I worked with Keith Mott on patchy stomatal conductance and stomatal water relations. I also visited Graham Farquhar's lab in Australia, which led to many years of postdoctoral work in Canberra, mostly on optimisation of resource use.  I also had postdocs with Dave Roberts (Montana State) and Mark Adams (University of Sydney) on regulation of tree water use in subalpine forests before moving to Sonoma County in 2008 for my current position.

In July 2013 I will take up a position as Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment at the University of Sydney's I.A. Watson Grains Research Centre in Narrabri, NSW, Australia.

Graduate students


o                                None

Undergraduate students


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o                                Sebastian Carrizosa

o                                Gloria Ramirez

o                                Melissa Lipari

o                                Brian Wortmann

o                                Julie Lynn

o                                Nick Steele

o                                Mary Ruth Ramus

o                                Heather Vice

o                                Bethany Calloway

o                                Aimee Yates

o                                Ryan Stickney

o                                Chris Cummings

o                                Sergio Espinosa

o                                Rachel Francis

o                                John Kim

o                                Brandon Stevens

o                                Tyler Fournier


o                                Antonio Diaz-Espejo (CSIC, Sevilla, Spain)

o                                Celia Rodriguez-Dominguez (CSIC, Sevilla, Spain)

o                                Jon Fukuto (SSU)

o                                Lawren Sack (University of California, Los Angeles)

o                                Diane Pataki (University of Utah)

o                                Matthew Gilbert (University of California, Davis)

o                                Kevin Tu (University of California, Berkeley)

o                                Mark Adams (University of Sydney)

o                                Andrew Merchant (University of Sydney)

o                                Tarryn Turnbull (University of Sydney)

o                                Sebastian Pfautsch (University of Sydney)

o                                Graham Farquhar (Australian National University)