Duane Dove

Professor in the
Department of Business Administration
Office Phone: (707) 664-2954
Fax: (707) 664-4009
E-mail: Duane.Dove@sonoma.edu
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Welcome! This page was established with two major functions in mind: 1) to facilitate the dissemination of materials among me and members of my classes, and 2) to communicate with others who are interested in cutting edge issues in alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

ADR is a topic that several of us in the Department of Business Administration have been interested in for several years. We meet as an interest group to plan how we might better serve our students and community. To date, we have designed an academic course that has been added to our curriculum in the Department for our Bachelor of Science major, and we have designed a number of short courses to be offered through the extended education office. We have written two small grants. One has been funded; we are waiting for a reply on the second. We have many ideas and would love to hear from others who share our interest in ADR especially in areas dealing with commercial mediation and arbitration.

Current Courses Being Taught:

Research Interests:

In recent years I have concentrated my research/writing activities on the development of case studies which require application of the knowledge and skills that we teach our students.

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