Below you will find a simple little story. Please read it and answer the questions to the best of our ability. We will discuss this the last due date for Module 5. The object of the exercise will become apparent during our discussion.

The Story:

A businessman had just turned off the lights in the store when a man appeared and demanded money. The owner opened a cash register. The contents of the cash register were scooped up, and the man sped away. A member of the police force was notified promptly.

Statements about the story:

1. A man appeared after the owner had turned off his store lights. T F ?

2. The robber was a man. T F ?

3. A man did not demand money. T F ?

4. The man who opened the cash register was the owner. T F ?

5. The store owner scooped up the contents of the cash register and ran away. T F ?

6. Someone opened a cash register. T F ?

7. After the man who demanded the money scooped up the

contents of the cash register, he ran away. T F ?

8. While the cash register contained money, the story does not

state how much. T F ?

9. The robber demanded money of the owner. T F ?

10. The story concerns a series of events in which only three persons are

referred to: the owner of the store, a man who demanded money,

and a member of the police force. T F ?

11. The following events in the story are true: someone demanded money,

a cash register was opened, its contents were scooped up, and a man

dashed out of the store. T F ?

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