HRM DISCIPLINES, fields of study related to HRM.

Management Theory: -- The Oldest of the disciplines:
a. Max Weber
b. Henri Fayol
c. Fredrik Taylor
d. Adam Smith

Organizational Behavior: -- The Psychology of Organizations:
Topics: motivation, decision making, perception, group processes, creativity, learning theory. OB is a systematic attempt to apply the knowledge of psychology to behavior in organizations.

Organizational Theory: -- The study of the structure of organizations and the relation of structure to effectiveness. Structural variables include:
Centralization, Span of Control, Departmentation, Formalization, Specialization of labor.

Organiztional Development: -- The Psychotherapy of Organizations:
Process Consultation, Team Building, Organizational Behavior Modification

Personel/Human Resource Management: -- Tends to be the more technical side of HRM and the field that is formally referred to as HRM. Includes EEO, selection, OSHA, etc.

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