On Expectations
       *I expect that you are building a foundation for a 
       satisfying career
       *I expect that you will treat this class as if it will 
       contribute to your development of a career.
       *I expect that you will come to class prepared almost 
       *I expect that you will have to work on this class 
       between almost every class period.
       *I expect that you will find the material relevant to 
       making a living wether you do that as an employer or 
       the owner of a very profitable business.
       *I expect that you will master the important concepts 
       that are pointed out to you in class and in the 
       *I expect this will be one of the most satisfying 
       classes in your business  curriculum
       *You may expect to learn alot.
       *You may expect to have high standards required of you.
       *You may expect to be treated fairly and as an adult.
       *You may expect a professor who is prepared  for your 
       class most every meeting.
       *You may expect that many concepts in the class must be 
       mastered  (memorized and/or understood)..
       *You may expect an enthusiastic  professor  with a 
       slightly odd sense of humor.
       *We  expect honesty and mutual respect in our 
       *We expect to be treated fairly and with human 

  • Business 340W Syllabus

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